Declutter Your Home – Bedroom Edition

We recently talked about finding extra storage space in your living room, you can find that post here.

There is no reason to stop at the living room when it comes to finding storage solutions within your home. Next room we’re going to conquer is the bedroom. Initially you would think you’d have a lot of storage space: the dresser, the chest, the nightstand and closet. That sounds like a lot of space, but that’s only if you a large bedroom. I have many friends and family who live in older homes where the bedrooms are on the smaller size and their closet is almost non-existent. Some barely have room to fit a dresser in the room.

There are some easy ways to fit storage in your bedroom without sacrificing the space. Let’s talk about storage beds.

Storage beds are great because the storage is built into the bed. Instead of having open, un-used space under your bed, now you can have spacious drawers to fit your belongings in.

The Lewiston Collection

The Lewiston Storage Bed is unbelievable when it comes to storage. There’s even some you can’t see. Starting at the top of the bed, there are two drawers and shelves on the headboard. On the base of the bed, there is a cabinet towards the back where you can store special items. Next to that is a full-length drawer that is strong enough to hold up to 400lbs! But the storage doesn’t stop there. If you lift the footboard up, you’ll reveal a secret storage compartment that is the full length of the bed. Perfect place to store valuables!


The Laguna Collection

This set is for children, and we all know kids have an unending amount of “stuff”. Between clothes, school stuff and toys you need somewhere to put it all! What’s great about this set too is that there are so many options to accommodate your needs and home.

The Roomsaver Bed and Bookcase Bed both have multiple drawers and shelves to accommodate all of your children’s things. The Bookcase Bed has a door at the end of it that opens up to reveal a HUGE empty space for extra toys or *hint* a great hiding spot! The Storage Staircase can be put up against the Laguna Bunk Beds to help the little one get up to the top bunk, plus help you store some toys. The Trundle will fit under the bunk beds to provide extra storage as well.










The Laguna Collection also comes in black and grey.


The Western Collection

If you like a more unique look, check out the Western. Made with natural wood, this collection includes side and footboard drawers that feature ample storage.



The Hayfield Collection

If you’re looking for something more simple, maybe you don’t need as much storage, the Hayfield Storage Bed has storage shelving in the headboard.


You can find more of our storage beds here!

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