Get Your Home Ready For The Big Game + Your Chance at $1000

The Patriots and Rams will be playing in the Big Game next week! Is your home ready? If you’re having people over to watch the game, it’s time to upgrade your home; make sure you have enough seating, get your snacks prepared and make sure your TV is big enough for everyone to watch!

Let’s start off with seating. If you’re looking for a time to upgrade your furniture – NOW IS THE TIME! You’re having people over, so why not show off new living room furniture that will fit everyone! Depending on how many people you have coming over will depend on how much seating you need. I’m always a fan of sectionals because they fit so many people! Here are some great options:

The Granada Sectional is modular so you can make it in any shape that you may need and can fit so many people! The Amarillo Sectional is a great option if you want a nice, leather power reclining option that will provide luxury for your guests. If you’re not into leather, try the Bentley Sectional! It has the great power reclining feature, but features a soft, plush fabric upholstery.

Shop more sectional options here.

If you still need extra seating, try using ottomans, poufs or benches throughout your set up. These obviously provide extra seating, but are accent pieces and some provide storage too!










You can find other seating options here.

We understand that furniture and TVs are a huge purchase. But if you want to upgrade your TV for the big game, you can for FREE! Purchase one of our Big Picture Packages and you’ll get a FREE LED-TV to watch the big game on!


Depending on if you’re providing all the food or having guests bring dishes to share, food is a must! Here are a few quick ideas you could make that everyone will love! And don’t forget about decor! We pinned a bunch of stuff on our Pinterest – make sure to check it out! 


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