Declutter Your Home – Living Room Edition

To me, storage is EVERYTHING. I grew up in a decent size home, but it was severely lacking storage space. When I moved out, I moved into a small apartment with the same issue and again, and again.

I understand that a lot of living spaces lack storage space and it’s important! Storage space is precious and I’ve come up with a few ways to incorporate storage into your home.

Furniture with Storage

You can find many sofas, loveseats and sectionals that include storage now! Some have storage in the armrests, center consoles and hidden storage in the base! I love these types of pieces because it can also help with clutter. Put the remote controls in the storage so they’re not sitting around on the furniture or tables.


The Marcus CollectionThis collection has storage in every piece! Each piece includes storage in the armrests, with a pop out table! The sofa has a drop down table in the center that includes cup holders, lights and USB ports, while the loveseat has a center console that opens up for more storage!






The Amarillo Collection

This collection doesn’t look as high-tech as the Marcus Collection, but don’t let it fool you! You can still find as much storage space! You can find storage space in the center consoles AND on the base of those consoles.



The Zenith Collection

The Zenith Collection is sleek and stylish with all the tech and storage. The sofa has a drop down table that features USB ports, lights and cup holders. The loveseat has a center console that opens up to reveal storage and all pieces includes storage in the armrests!







Check out other living rooms with storage here!

Living Room Accessories with Storage

I’m very minimalistic in my home decor, so when it came to decorating my home, I knew I had to find something with dual purpose. I walked around the Gardner-White store and found many options that would give me storage and functionality!



Cocktail Tables with Storage


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