How To: Accommodate All of Your Holiday Guests

Every year you have to start thinking about the holidays earlier and earlier. Plans need to be made, flights need to be booked and preparations start as soon as possible. My family is quite small, 15 people to be exact on both sides of my family and we live in 6 different states. We don’t get together very often (you know, living around the country and all), so when some of us decide to get together, it’s usually more than just two or three people and usually for a couple of days.

I recently had 6 family members come visit my home and I had to think quick on how to accommodate everyone for a weekend! Here are my tips to accommodate your upcoming guests for the holidays if you have limited space.

Invest in a sleeper sofa
I was expecting 6 guests with only 2 extra bedrooms. Thankfully, I invested in a sleeper sofa a couple years ago and it has paid off! While they didn’t get a private room, they were able to sleep on a comfy bed instead of the ground – or paying for a hotel room.


Get a futon or have an air mattress on hand
Even with my sleeper sofa and my extra bed in a guest room, I was still down a bed. Thankfully, I had an air mattress on hand, but a futon can double as extra seating and a bed! My parents had a futon in our home growing up and it was always used when family came to visit from out of town!

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Upgrade your dining table

Instead of having a “kiddie table” or having people eat elsewhere, upgrade your dining table to one that will fit everyone! Many big tables have removable leaves or self-storing leaves so that it can be smaller when you don’t have visitors!

Here are a few of my favorite tables that include leaves that are perfect for the upcoming holidays!

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Large cocktail table or ottoman

If a big dining table is out of the question (I can relate, I don’t have room in my home for a full-size table), get a big cocktail table or ottoman so people can use that as a table if necessary. You can also use these as extra seating! Dual purpose for the win! I invested in a large cocktail table so that people can still be nearby and use that as a table.

I love that some of our cocktail tables have a lift-top table so that you don’t have to bend over if you’re eating on the couch.


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An ottoman is perfect for putting your feet up and adding extra seating! Plus, some of these ottomans have storage or include trays! Yay for dual purpose, again!

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I hope you all have a wonderful holiday season with all of your family and friends! Let us know what your plans are!

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