Tips to Make Your Home Safe on Halloween

You will soon have trick-or-treaters showing up on your doorstep for some cherished candy. Here are some tips to make your home safe for these treaters!


Make sure your house is well-lit









Other than having your porch light on to show that you’re passing out candy, turn on any other lights in your yard or porch! This will help keep kids from tripping on things and offer a welcoming home.



Make a clear path to your door








Get rid of any hoses, branches or toys that may be blocking the sidewalk or path up to your home. It’s dark outside, making it hard to see when walking, so moving items that are in the way will help. If you plan on decorating with jack-o’-lanterns or luminaries, keep them off of the path so no one will trip on them.


Keep your pets inside







We love pets as much as everyone else (especially cute Kona above!). But it’s best for their safety and the kids’ safety to keep your pets indoors and in a separate area. Some kids may be scared of animals or have allergies, plus there may be noises that your animal could be scared of!

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