How To: Make Your Home Pet Friendly

Pets can be one of life’s greatest blessings. They give unconditional love, give you the cutest looks and will keep you active. But that doesn’t mean they aren’t mischievous little things and can really mess your house up.

Now, I LOVE my dog. (You can see her in the picture on the left.) She is the best cuddler and wants to love on you all the time. But she always wants to get into things and makes messes around my house. Whether you have a cat, dog, hamster, rabbit or pig, here are some essentials to making your home pet friendly!




Store hazardous items high
Animals can be very curious, so make sure any medications, cleaning products or other chemicals are stored away in a secure cabinet or on a high shelf. Thankfully, my dog is small and can’t open cupboards or reach anything – but she tries!

Cover the garbage
We get it. Human food is YUMMY. But that doesn’t mean our animals can have it. I’m not one to judge when it comes to feeding your dog scraps because mine gets her daily watermelon late night snack with us, and her fair share of accidentally food drops. But there are some foods that are extremely harmful to your pets. Make sure your garbage is covered. Plus, it’ll also save you a mess to clean up in case they got into it.

Be aware of dangerous house plants
Just like some foods, some plants can be dangerous to your pets. Here are a list of those dangerous plants to stay away from if you do have pets in your home:






Always check before you buy a new plant if it’s safe for animals.

Laundry and shoes
Again, I am very lucky when it comes to my dog because she’s never stolen our socks or been a shoe chewer (except that one time when she was a puppy and ate my Toms and brand new sandals…). If you don’t want your expensive shoes chewed up or your laundry missing, make sure they are all put away. Plus, this will keep your house clean. Win-win! Give your pet something else to chew on if they have separation anxiety.

These next tips are here to help you maintain a clean home. With a pet, there will always be some sort of mess, so these tips will make for an easy clean up.

Hide pet hair
No matter how hard you try, if you have a pet that sheds, there will be hair everywhere. Find decor (rugs, furniture, pillows, bedding, blankets, etc.) that won’t show your pet’s hair. If your pet has dark hair, get furniture and rugs that are darker. If your pet has lighter hair, get a lighter colored decor. No one will even see it!

Get a good vacuum cleaner
A good vacuum cleaner can make your life so much easier. A lot of brands now sell vacuum cleaners specifically for homes with pets! Make sure to get a vacuum cleaner that has a high efficiency particulate air filter. These types of vacuums are better at picking up pet hair. There are also vacuums that also have features to actually wash your carpet and upholstery.

Accident cleaner
If you don’t have accident cleaner at home, GET SOME NOW. Especially if you’re still in the potty training phase. Trust me, it’ll always come in handy. But if you don’t have any on hand, my parents swear by a mixture of just vinegar and water.

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