Transitioning Your Child From Crib to Bed

Making the switch to a “big kid” bed from a crib can be a tough one. When’s the right time to do it? Will it be a hard transition? Will my child hate it or love it? Each family and child are different so there’s not a set age or time that this transition should happen.

Start thinking about transitioning your child from crib to bed when:
1. your child wants a big kid bed
2. they are starting to scale the crib
3. you’re planning on having another child soon

Once you’ve realized when it’s time to start the transition, start preparing! The transition from crib to bed won’t happen overnight.

Make it a special event
Take your child on a shopping trip for a “big kid bed” and let him or her pick out the set they like! Get them very excited about the idea. Even let them pick out their new bedding that they will love!

Continue your usual bedtime routine
If you normally read to them at night before bed or sit with them until they fall asleep, keep doing that! A child wants to know they’re safe and change can be scary. Also try to put the new bed where the crib used to be, so he or she knows that this is for them and this is where they are supposed to sleep. Keep the routine consistent and predictable.

Lay ground rules
Your child needs direction and stability during this change. For example, make them know they have to stay in bed until mom or dad comes in to get them. This will keep them safe and on a routine.

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