Campus Living Solutions

The school year is approaching and students are packing up to head off to college! As an incoming freshman, this can be one of the most stressful, exciting times! When I was going to college, one of the best things was picking out things for my dorm room! Making it comfortable and stylish was always a priority. But obviously dorm rooms and apartments are TINY. Getting the beds, desks, mini fridges and other necessities to fit was a challenge.

Here are must-have items that are stylish and save space!

Futons are a great multi-purpose piece of furniture that you can use as a sofa and also functions an extra bed for guests!

Don’t forget a calendar to write down your schedule and campus activities!

And don’t forget to decorate your new place, while getting some extra storage!

Upgrade your Mattress
The mattresses that are provided in dorm rooms are old, dirty and worn out. Why not bring your own! Or if you’re now moving into an off-campus apartment, now’s the perfect time to purchase a brand new mattress to go with your new place! We have sizes for every size room. Plus, find a new bed and sheets to go along with your new mattress! Also check out our bed in a boxes! 


Desk Chairs
The chairs they include in the dorm are very uncomfortable, so I suggest bringing your own. Let your personality show with the chair you choose! Plus, get a comfy one, there will be lots of studying done!

Tag us on Facebook or Instagram in pictures of your new dorm or apartment! We’d love to see how you decorated!

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