What We’ve Learned from Joanna Gaines

We all cried out eyes out during the last episode of Fixer Upper (I know I did). America’s favorite home restoration duo closed the doors to one chapter of their lives to move on to another, and I’m sure that adventure still consists of “Demo Day”. Throughout each episode there were constant take aways from Chip and Joanna that should resonate in all of us wannabe house flippers. Did you catch them? If not, here’s a little refresher.

The #1 must in a great makeover? Paint. Joanna makes it clear through every episodes that paint has power. There is feeling and emotion tied to every color, regardless of it’s shade, tone or hue.

When choosing a color, you want to also consider how long you’ll be living in the house for. If it’s temporary, stay pretty conservative so you don’t have to do a lot of prep work when you choose to sell. If you’re in it for the long haul, by all means, personalize with whatever colors you feel like.

You’ll want to listen to those design instincts when they instantly react to a color. If a shade of red makes you feel warm, that’s probably how the room will feel after a couple coats of it. Or a pea green that just makes you think of something pretty smelly and gross, just don’t do it. Those reactions are telling you exactly what you, and probably your guests, will be thinking when walking into a room of that color. So choose wisely because it definitely matters!

Playing up those bold colors with crisp white trim falls right into the second tip Joanna keeps hinting at, and that’s contrast. Her personal favorite contrast pairs, black & white of course.

Accent walls are used sparingly, Joanna doesn’t go that route very often. When she does, the decision is definitely based on the personality of the family and what type of feeling or style they’re asking for.

Joanna’s love for shiplap and subway tile may seem like a trend due to the show’s success, but I promise you it’s not and there’s a reason they are her go-to materials. Classic design is the Jojo way, allowing her to go with her gut to add the appropriate accessories to create the look and feel that gives that WOW factor to every episode.

Every home deserves some green, Joanna uses it in just about every one of her projects. Keep in mind that even if she’s not using it in the form of paint, you’ll find it throughout the home with plants and other accessories. Jo says that it feels bold even though it’s a natural color, and while in their early stages they painted every house green she’s come full circle and is in love with the color all over again.

While we will miss our Fixer Upper hosts, they’ve shared a ton of knowledge with the universe as well as a ton of laughs and unexpected surprises for the Gaines’ family. Thankfully we can still keep tabs on what they’re up to by hopping onto social media, because what would our world be without Chip and Joanna?


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