How To: Clean the Dishwasher

Hot, soapy water doesn’t cut it when it comes to keeping mold and other fungi from growing in your dishwasher. Spend 15 minutes inside your dishwasher to get those pesky areas where bacteria and mold are likely to grow.


Make sure your racks aren’t peeling or showing signs of rust. Scratches and stains are typical with years of use, but your dishwasher shouldn’t be the source of those scratches and stains. You can purchase a spray on plastic that will solve your problems, you might also want to check out your manufacturer’s website for a replacement rack if it’s completely peeled and bent.


Modern dishwashers have a spinning blade on the bottom of the washer or the top rack, sometimes both. Check the bald to ensure the holes aren’t filled with crusty food or buildup. If the blades are spin easily, you’re in great shape. If they’re having an issue rotating, remove them and give them  good scrub down.


Filters are all too often overlooked. Dishwashers have 2 filters, an upper and lower. Where in the world do you find these filters? The upper filter is fount directly beneath the rotating spray blade at the bottom of the dishwasher. Gently turning it counter clockwise will loosen it for removal. Be prepared with rubber gloves and a toothbrush because this where soap scum, grease, and mildew are most likely to build up. You’ll want to take some hot water and soap with the toothbrush to get it nice and clean before reattaching the blade. The lower filter is the screen at the bottom of the dishwasher, usually the main area that catches large food particles allowing for water to pool up and create that nasty wet aroma in your kitchen. Simply remove any food particles and give it a good scrub.


Use that same toothbrush and get to work on the rubber that lines the door. After daily use, the door often gets caked with food and crusted with crumbs, a good wipe down will help it do it’s job with keeping the water sealed inside the washer rather than all over your floor. Don’t be surprised if you find some mold build up there.


Place 1 cup of white vinegar on the top rack and run through the hottest cycle your dishwasher has. this will degrease and deodorize the interior and hopefully allows any previous leftover scent off your dishes.

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