Dirty Places: Kitchen Series

Our lives are busy enough with work, kids, events for friends and family, vacations, errands, the list goes on. What we may not realize is that we are overlooking some major areas that could affect our health and need some instant TLC.


Probably some of the most frequent areas of the kitchen that get touched. When was the last time you disinfected those areas? I can’t remember the last time I did mine, chances are neither can you. If you have within the last week, kudos to you! I keep a constant supply of disinfectant whites beneath my sink so I can quickly disinfect my counters and stove top, I always seem to miss the knobs. Wiping those down is definitely going to be on my routine wipe down from now on.


This is where everything happens. Chances are, your counter tops experience the most exposure to germs from absolutely everything. Counter tops are great for setting the mail, grocery bags, fruits and veggies, along with homework and drippings from whatever you might be cooking for dinner that week. It’s a constant place of growth for germs, so don’t skip out on giving them a good wipe down before and after you prepare dinner, every single time. Because who has time to get sick? I know I sure don’t!


But first, coffee. Although you might keep your coffee maker sparkling clean at a glance, don’t think that the inside is free of germs. The inner water reservoir is probably growing all sorts of germs to infect you sometime in the near future. The solution? 2 cups of white vinegar and 1 cup of water will do clear out those nasty germs. Be sure to run it through twice and you should be all set! Also, keep up on routine maintenance that is required with most programmed coffee makers for longevity.


The utensils we use to clean anything are usually where the largest cultivation of germs grows. To avoid reusing contaminated scrubbers, sponges and squeegees – place them on the top rack of your dishwasher and run them with a full dishwasher. If you feel any aren’t up to your standards on cleanliness then of course just go buy more, especially if they are falling apart. Nothing lasts forever.


Unless the drawers are clear, I always forget what I’ve stashed away in them and usually find the deteriorated remains in a sludge time residue caked to the bottom of the drawer. Never a pretty sight, and mighty rough on the nose. Dump all those moldy remains into the trash and get that disinfectant out with a fresh sponge and scrub, scrub, SCRUB! Keeping these drawers clean and keeping meat separated from any fruits and vegetables will definitely help keep your refrigerator from becoming a germ farm.


Seems like everything goes into the sink these days, whatever leftovers go down the garbage disposal. The last swigs of pop, juice, milk, forgotten water bottles, you name it, they all end up going down the sink drain. With that being said, I’m sure you probably wipe out the sink due to scum build up? Are you using that same sponge or washcloth you just wiped the counters with? That’s great, except the fact that that same sponge is contaminated from the germs you just wiped off from the counter.

Happy Disinfecting!

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