10 Indoor Plants to Brighten the Home

Plants are one way to maintain a fresh air supply, they can serve as home decor as well. I’ve discovered since adding succulents to my bookshelves, that they give a sweet touch to any space and a decent size rubber plant can balance out a room when there’s an empty corner.

Not all plants are created equal, many needs lots of direct sunlight and loads of water. Who has time to take care of a plant while life is happening? Not me, that’s for sure, but I love having plants incorporated throughout my home. The best solution has been finding  plants that are not only pretty, but are low maintenance as well.

1 Cacti are great for the home. With the ability to handle lots of direct sunlight and need very little water to stay alive, good luck killing this one. Decorate your window sills with these fun unique flora. The more the merrier, they come in all different shapes and sizes so there are lots of options to choose from.

2  In addition to cactus, succulents are wonderful and on the low care spectrum. Watering once a week with direct or indirect light, these babies will flourish. They are also really easy to propagate, simply snip off a leaf and let sit and you will see it grow another full bloom from where you removed it from the matured succulent.



3 • Want something a bit larger? Rubber Trees might be just what you’re looking for. They require water regularly and lots of indirect sunlight. So if there’s a corner of your house that seems a bit empty and the room gets quite a bit of sunlight throughout the day, a Rubber Tree will be your best friend.




4 Snake plants are great if you want to add a more safari feel to your home. The leaves are like tiger striped blades of grass that stand out every which way, creating a nice luscious piece of foliage. Snake plants need a lot of sunlight so choose a bookcase, table or window sill with lots of direct light.





5 • Another great foliage plant is the Kentia Palm. It’s very tolerant of the obvious neglect it might endure before you develop a true schedule or habit for your newfound green thumb. This palm flourishes in medium to bright light and water weekly or biweekly.






6 • Split Leaf Philodendron has one of the most exotic looks of all indoor houseplants. Needing medium light and watering once a week, easy enough right? An awesome detail about this plant is that you can easily grow an entire whole plant from another, what a steal!






7 Fiddle Leaf Fig Trees are small shrubs with large waxy leaves that need lots of direct sunlight and weekly watering sessions. Keep this lovely green bush near a window or skylight and take extra care during the winter when the air is dry and water more often.






8 Birds of Paradise offers some of the largest leaves for your home decor. Place this beauty in an area were it will receive lots and lots of natural sunlight. A tell tale sign that it needs more sunlight is curling leaves. The lack of sunlight will also limit how often the plant blooms. Because it is from tropical areas you’ll want to keep it moist and in high humidity if possible. During the warm months you’ll find this plant more active, requiring constant attention, while the colder months require watering & misting only when the soil is dry.






• Chinese Monkey plants are on the moderate side of the care spectrum. They thrive best when placed in indirect sunlight with regular mistings and only water once the soil has become completely dry.






10Air plants are so strange, they resemble something along the lines of a green, slightly hairy, jellyfish. They are very resilient to just about any environment and need watering once a week. Just a 10 minute soak and it’ll be all set for the following week.


Did we miss your favorite indoor plant? Share your photos with us, we’d love to hear from you!

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