Our Favorite Valentine’s Day Treats

Nothing is more romantic than cooking for your Valentine. Here are our five favorite easy Valentine’s Day treats and recipes you’ll love making for your Valentine – or Galentine!

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1. Sweetheart Cinnamon Rolls by Lady Behind The Curtain

Start off the day with something sweet, like these Sweetheart Cinnamon Rolls! Plus, these are super simple and can be made in minutes.





2. Valentine’s Day S’more Popcorn by a Pumpkin & a Princess

As someone who loves everything s’mores, this recipe caught my eye immediately. And much to my surprise was how easy it is! Just mix the ingredients together, melt the chocolate and let it cool! Perfect for a mid-day snack or to munch on during a movie after dinner.




3. Heart Quesadillas by Smart School House

Look at how cute these heart quesadillas are! Everybody loves a good quesadilla, and these are perfect for Valentine’s Day. Make these if you need a heavier snack or a quick lunch.





4. Rice Krispies Treat Hearts by Intimate Weddings

I love this treat because of how simple and delicious it is. This is a great treat to bring to share at the office or a party.






5. Marbled Red Velvet Cheesecake Brownies by The Novice Chef

Now this dessert may take a little more effort than the rest, but it’s worth it. Red velvet + cheesecake + brownies = YUM. Save money at the restaurant and have dessert at home, plus these are made with love.


We want to know if you tried any of these recipes! Comment below and tell us how it went! Plus, we have more recipes you can try on our Pinterest page! Find them here >>


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