How To: Hanging Pictures like a Pro

You don’t have to pay for an Interior Designer in order to get that perfect display of artwork. You’ll find everything you’ll need to hang pieces with the utmost precision, how to create a gallery wall, and extra tips on layout and spacing.


There are 4 aspects to consider when hanging pieces; height, space, weight & look.

HEIGHT is always a question that pops up, possibly after you’ve already hung your pictures and canvases only to see that they should have been placed a tad higher. Standard rule, measure 57-60 inches from the floor to the very center of your art or gallery. When displaying more than one piece, treat them as if they are one complete piece when measuring. If you’re hanging pieces above any furniture, follow the 57-60″ rule and make sure that the piece measures at least 12″ above. Apply these rules throughout your home for a cohesive look. Spacing between pieces should be 1.5-2″ apart and placed symmetrically to create a balanced display.

QUICK TIPS: To preview your gallery or art before you start putting holes in your walls, trace the frames on paper, cut them out and tape to the wall with correct spacing. Get creative and move things around, line things up or create an overlapped work of art.

If you want a GALLERY WALL, ask yourself, “What do I want to display?” family pictures or personal interests are topics in which to create a theme and color palette that will compliment the room. Try not to limit yourself when choosing pieces for you gallery. Display anything from pictures, canvases, paintings, mirrors, clocks, sconces, signs, and other decor from Collect all the pieces and lay them out for a quick preview, and make sure they fit within the space you’ve chosen.

Always take into account the WEIGHT of the items that you plan to hang. The weight of the object itself will help secure it to the wall with specific hanging hooks. Single nail hooks for anything between 0-30 lbs., double nail hooks for 31-50 lbs., and triple nail hooks for anything 51-100 lbs. Larger frames might require two sets of hooks, place them 4-6 inches apart depending on the placement of the studs in your walls.

Seems like a lot of work, but I promise, you’ll be happy you took the extra time for well thought out pieces and placement for your wall décor.



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