Christmas Trees – Real vs. Fake

This is a long time debate, especially in my household – whether live trees or artificial Christmas trees are better. I’ve grown up with the tradition of picking out a real tree with my dad each year, while my husband think it’s a waste of money and wants to invest in an artificial tree. It all depends on your lifestyle and what you prefer! We made a list of pros and cons for each type to see which would be better for us, and we’re sharing it with you!

Live Trees

– Tradition! It’s so fun to go pick out your own tree with the family and make it a yearly   tradition.
– The fresh smell that a good tree brings to your home.
– It’s unique to you! No tree is the same, so no one else has the same tree.
– If you’re short on storage in your home, this option saves you room since you don’t have to store it year-round.

–  It can get pricey when you purchase a tree each year.
– The needles fall off and make a mess.
– They don’t come pre-lit, so you have to string lights each year.
– You have to figure out how to get rid of it after Christmas.
– Not good for people with allergies.
– They’re high maintenance. You have to continue to water them and clean up after them.


Fake Trees

– There are so many options that make your life easier, such as pre-lit trees.
– You only purchase it once, saving you a lot of money.
– No needles falling, no mess!
– No chance of your Christmas tree dying before the holiday!
– Saves you time, no need to go out and cut one down in the cold.

– No fresh smells.
– You have to have ample storage space.
– Cannot be recycled like a real tree can.

No matter the pros or cons, I will always favor a real tree, but my husband won the battle this year with an artificial tree. We’ll revisit this discussion next year! Let us know what other pros and cons you have come across over the years! What are your opinions on a live vs. artificial tree?

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