Fall Bucket List To Do With Your Family

With the kids back at school and the busyness of work, it’s important to find time to spend with your family. We’ve put together a Fall Bucket List that you can do with your family that won’t break the bank! Some of these activities are free!

Carve Pumpkins
Go to your local grocery store or pumpkin patch and pick up enough pumpkins for everyone to carve! With countless patterns to carve out, each family member can show their personality! Plus, once you’ve finished, you can cook up those pumpkin seeds and have them as a snack!

Thanks to Pumpkinlady.com, here’s over 700 FREE pumpkin carving patterns and stencils to choose from!


Raking Leaves
Instead of just one person doing this as a chore, make it a family project! But before you bag those leaves, make sure to jump in the big pile you just made!


Go to an Apple Orchard or Cider Mill
Who doesn’t love a good cider donut and apple cider? YUM! Many cider mills or apple orchards have activities for the whole family! Apple orchards are so fun because it’s not every day you get to pick your own apples. Most apple orchards have many different types of apples, so you can pick some that everyone likes!

Here’s a list of some local apple orchards and cider mills:
Yates Cider Mill
Franklin Cider Mill
Rochester Cider Mill
Blake’s Orchard & Cider Mill
Blake’s Big Apple
Wiard’s Orchards
Plymouth Orchards and Cider Mill

Let us know if there are other orchards you like to visit!


Make Caramel Apples
After you picked your apples at the apple orchard (or from your local grocery store), it’s time to dress them up for a yummy dessert! Lay out a variety of toppings so everyone’s favorites are covered!

Here’s an easy caramel apple recipe from Just A Taste that is good for the whole family!


Bake Fall Treats
Nothing puts you more in the fall mood than eating fall flavored goodies. Bake your family favorite whether it’s a pie, bread or cookies!

Try this recipe for Healthy Pumpkin Bread by Country Living.


Take a Hike
Spend time outdoors and find a local nature preserve or park to walk around. Enjoy the beautiful fall colors while getting some exercise!


Make Fall Decorations for Your Home
Have a craft night and make decorations you can display around your home! This adds a personal touch with unique decorations your friends will love! Plus, you can use these for years to come.

Try these fun crafts from Country Living!


Let us know if you do any activities with your family that aren’t listed here!