Aireloom Mattresses: Handcrafted Luxury

Aireloom: The Hand Made Mattress

There’s a lot to be said about something that is made by hand. Much like an elegant diamond necklace or exotic sports car, luxury items have exponentially more care and passion put into them, and Aireloom mattresses are no different.

Sure, there are a lot of nice mattresses available that are mass-produced in some giant factory somewhere on the other side of the world, but that’s not what Aireloom is all about.

When Aireloom says its mattresses are hand made, thats exactly how they are constructed; with the hands of hard-working men and women right here in America. As soon as you surrender your aches and pains to the mercy of an Aireloom, your body – and mind – will thank you endlessly.

What makes an Aireloom so special?

Besides the previously stated fact that these mattresses are meticulously designed, constructed, cut, sewn, reinforced, tested and re-tested by hand, there is a number of reasons why the Aireloom is the premier luxury mattress available.

  • Awarded four US Patents for mattress design including a chiropractic lumbar body mattress and edge support concepts
  • Strive to use all-natural materials, including certified-organic cotton, natural bamboo fabrics, natural Talalay latex and sustainable forest lumber
  • “8 way hand-tied foundations, English outer tufting, hand-stitched side walls and matching self welting – applied by skilled artisans truly separates this fine quality product from others.” -Aireloom Website
That last bullet says it all. Aireloom sets itself apart from all other mattress brands

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