Looks For Less: Save $240 with our Eden Recliner.


Sometimes our busy lives prevent us from shopping for the best deal.  That’s why at Gardner-White we decided to do the shopping for you.  If you’re shopping for a leather recliner but don’t want to ‘break the bank’, the Eden Recliner is a great deal.

The Eden Leather Rocker Recliner features DuraBlend® upholstery in the seating areas and provides the rich comfort of supportive divided back cushions and plush pillow top arms. The smooth reclining function makes this contemporary-styled furniture the perfect addition to any living room.

Not only does the Eden save you $240 compared to this similar recliner from Wayfair.com, ours has power reclining for that smooth comfort you’ve always wanted.  (Our Eden – $449.99)  (Wayfair recliner – $689.99)  Looking for more than just a recliner?  Shop for our Eden Collection today and take a look at our Big Picture Package at www.gardner-white.com.

Recliner: 39″W x 40″D x 40″H
Manufactured by Ashley Furniture Industries, Inc.

Color Your World: 3 tips to add color to your room.


Our emotions can be controlled through the colors we see.  When you walk into a room for the first time the emotional response should match the type of room.  If the room is for resting, such as a bedroom or family room, darker color values such as green, blue, or burgundy would express a feeling of restfullness.  But what if you aren’t sure what colors to add that will make you feel relaxed after a long day of work?  Here’s 3 simple tips to adding color and emotion to your room.

1) Choose a color scheme:  We recommend starting with the 80/20 rule:
80% neutrals on the walls.
20% bold color on the furniture.

You’ll be amazed at the difference a little color can make to your room.  While choosing your specific colors be sure to keep in mind the emotional impact.  If  you want the room to look lively choose red and yellow tones.  If you want the room to look more calm and relaxing choose blue and brown tones.

web_claire_room_2400x16002) Contrasts and lighting:  The location of the window in each room can also effect how colors appear.  You will want to keep this in mind because if you are choosing dark colors they will appear even darker in a room with light filling a room from the north.  In this case you would be better off choosing a slightly lighter color than your fist choice would have been.  The opposite can be true if light fills a room from the south.  In this case colors would appear lighter than the initial choice would have been, so you would be better off choosing a slightly darker color than your first choice.  You will also want to be sure you have the right amount of contract in your room to allow your accent colors to stand out even more.  A high-contrast room uses light and dark colors as a combination to enhance the formality of a room while a low contrast room is designed to enhance soothing qualities.

3) Find a pattern:  Look at the colors in a large pattern from your current room, then choose a piece of furniture that can accent those colors or choose colors that fit your current furniture.  If your favorite artwork is green and grey you can choose the grey to be 80% of the color in your room and green to be 20.

If you are looking for new furniture to stand out in your house take a look at some of our color products today.



Back To School – Kids need ZZZZ’s.

Kim-Adams-150_headshotKids love to countdown to the last day of school. By this time of year, moms are counting down to the first. I’m not saying I do it, but I happen to know there are 57 days, 8 hours and 36 minutes until my kids go back to school. Roughly….off the top of my head. Don’t get me wrong, I love summer vacation just as much as the kids. No lunches to pack, no homework and bedtimes can be much more relaxed. The problem is come September, it can be very challenging to get back on a sleep schedule. And when it comes to learning, a good night’s sleep is critical.

If you want to help your kids bring home straight A’s, experts say help them get more ZZZZ’s!

shutterstock_262383347Numerous new studies show lost sleep causes impaired learning and diminished academic success. In fact, did you know kids actually learn in their sleep? Researchers at Michigan State University found that when children are sleeping their brains integrate new information and memories. Also, The American Academy of Sleep Medicine shows that kids who get a a good night’s sleep perform better on tests. One of the best ways things to get your child ready for back to school isn’t a new backpack or notebook, its a new mattress!

As adults, we know that sleeping on a cheap or old mattress can be incredibly uncomfortable and it can lead to a disturbed nights sleep. We often wake up feeling, groggy, tired and sore in the morning. Its the same for kids, only with added risBedtimeks. Children are constantly growing, and while their bones are growing its important to sleep on a mattress that provides the correct degree of support for their spines. While latex and memory foam are great for adults, they aren’t really suitable for toddlers and children. When choosing a good mattress for your child, a box spring support system is really recommended. It’s worth the investment to help your child sleep better. Once you have a great mattress there are other things you can do to help your child get ready for back to school sleep.

Here are a few things that work in my home:

1) Starting now, adjust your childs bedtime back by 15 minutes per night­.  This will gradually get them returned to their normal sleep schedule.

2) Set an electronics curfew. It takes kids about an hour to wind down at night. But with smartphones, and other electronic games it can take a little longer. Take away anything with a screen at least an hour before bed.

3) Make bedtime fun­! I read stories to my kids every single night. Its a tradition I look forward to just as much as they do. There is also a new glow in the dark paint that you can use to write a secret message on your child’s ceiling that they will see when the lights go out.

If you have tips that help get your children sleep better, let us know!

Read Kim’s bio here.

Looks For Less: Dallas Collection – SAVE $822!


Sometimes our busy lives prevent us from shopping for the best deal.  That’s why at Gardner-White we decided to do the shopping for you.  If you’re shopping for a modern and luxurious look but don’t want to ‘break the bank’, the Dallas Collection is a great deal.  This sofa features dual power recliners and is upholstered in soft, top-grain leather. The sofa hugs the wall, allowing you to have the furniture you’ve always wanted without sacrificing your living room space or your budget.

Purchase our Dallas Sofa, Loveseat, and Reclining Chair for a total of $3,379. When compared against this set from Costco, our Dallas Collection saves you $822, giving you the same look for much less money.  We will even pay your sales tax on the Sofa and Loveseat!

Looking for more with your purchase?  Check out our Big Picture Package with the Dallas Collection.

Power Reclining Leather Sofa: 88″W x 40″D x 40″H
Power Reclining Leather Loveseat: 66″W x 40″D x 40″H
Leather Glider Recliner: 41″W x 40″D x 40″H

Get your $3 off coupons to the Renaissance Festival!

Ready for the 2015 Michigan Renaissance Festival?
It will be here before you know it.  Prepare early this year!

Gardner-White has coupons that can save you $3.00 off the price of an adult ticket OR a FREE child ticket with the purchase of a regular priced adult ticket.  Visit any Gardner-White and pick up yours today.

For more information on the Renaissance Festival click here.


What can you expect at the Renaissance Festival?
The pageantry of a 16th century village is evident in the wide variety of activities. Entertainment is not only featured on seventeen stages, but in the lanes and on an interactive level with the patrons. From peasants to royalty, the people of the village of Hollygrove visit entertain guests and provide a day to remember! Highlights include the thrilling full contact joust with armored knights and horses, the intensity of the Human Combat Chess Match and the hilarity of acts like the Washing Well Wenches, Ded Bob and The Tortuga Twins. Music fills the air with Tartanic, Crannog and other talented bands. The Realm is filled with amazing artisans who offer their unique wares and often share their skills in craft demonstrations. Beautiful glassware, crafted leather and Renaissance clothing are just a few examples of the masterpieces that can be found in the marketplace. Visitors are advised to skip breakfast and save their appetite for the fresh baked goods, soup in a bread bowl, Scotch eggs, apple dumplings and of course, the famous turkey legs that are cooked over an open flame. The array of foods is overwhelming and sure to satisfy any cravings! It is truly fun for the whole family since the Renaissance Festival also offers games, human-powered rides, and a Children’s Realm that features a castle playscape as well as free activities for younger visitors.
Source: http://www.michrenfest.com/generalinfo.html

The Michigan Renaissance Festival is open Weekends & Labor Day • August 22 – October 4, 2015 PLUS Friday, Oct. 2!
10am – 7pm • Rain or Shine!

Sleep like a baby? How to make the most of limited rest as a new parent.

Family 6

“People who say they sleep like a baby usually don’t have one.” -Leo J. Burke

It was December 23, 2002. On this cold winters night, I crawled into bed and slept a solid, blissful, uninterrupted 8 hours. Why do I remember the exact date? Because it would be the very last time I slept 8 hours straight. The next night, Christmas Eve, my beautiful daughter Ava was born. And I haven’t slept the same since!

I’m now the mother of five kids, ages 12, 11, 6, 3 and not quite 2. You would think by #5 I would be a professional baby whisper. The mere touch of my hand would make a child fall instantly into deep slumber for at least 8 magical hours. Instead, my own darling little tot still wakes up at 3am screaming for a bottle. By the time I get him back to sleep, I usually return to my bed to find a 3 year old sleeping sideways. He’s often joined by at least 2 more of my baby bears that have tested all the beds in the house and decided Mamas is “just right.” Its a King size bed filled with love. But not a lot of quality sleep.

If you’re a new mom, I guarantee you’ve purchased at least one (or five) books on sleep. The only problem is you’re so sleep deprived you can’t seem to get past the first page. Despite my current situation, I have found a few things that worked for me when it comes to getting more sleep as a new parent.

I have mixed emotions about this one. Yes we all know we should sleep when the baby sleeps. But there are certain things we need to get done and this is our only opportunity. My advice? Sleep when your baby sleeps as much as you can. It really is important. Accept your house is a bit messy and give yourself a break. I spent way too much time trying to keep the perfect home. At the end of the day, you will never get these moments back. Sleep so that when your baby is awake you will be ready to play!

This was the most challenging for me. I felt guilty if someone else watched my baby while I took a nap. But sleep is not a luxury, its a medical requirement. Friends and family love nothing more than holding a sweet newborn baby. Trust me, you can take a 2 hour nap and still be a great mom!

You and your spouse take turns getting up with the baby. This works very well for women who are not breastfeeding. Pumping can help for those who do breastfeed and don’t mind their baby drinking from a bottle. Even if your husband will only do it one or two days a week, it can be fantastic. You will be amazed at how you feel after 6 hours of uninterrupted sleep!

While heating up a baby bottle, or getting ready to nurse, have a power snack. Crackers, peanut butter or a glass of milk can give you the boost you need without keeping you up after a late night feeding. You will feel much better in the morning and have more energy.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed, remember you will sleep again. Babies grow up and the problems you’re trying so hard to solve now, will disappear in time. I promise you won’t need to let your 5th grader “cry it out” or break them of a binky. You will sleep again!! The question is with five kids… will I?

Let us know what worked for you as a new mom when it comes to getting a better nights sleep!

Read Kim’s bio here.

Kim Adams, Biography

Kim-Adams-150_headshotEmmy award winning television and film personality and mother of 5, Kim Adams is one of metro-Detroit most recognizable faces. While most remember her as a skilled meteorologist at WXYZ (ABC-Detroit) and WDIV (NBC-Detroit), Kim has now joined the film industry appearing in “Scream 4” starring Courtney Cox and David Arquette. Kim can also be found on national tv shows such as “Detroit 187” and “20/20.” She’s currently a medical reporter for the Childrens Hospital of Michigan. Kim’s busy schedule also includes being a spokesperson for numerous local and national companies.

Kim graduated Summa Cum Laude from Oakland University ranking 3rd in her graduating class. She received a master’s degree from Wayne State University majoring in Radio/TV & Film. In addition, she studied thermodynamics and dynamics at the U.S. Department of Agriculture Graduate School in Washington, D.C., and synoptic meteorology at the Ohio State University. Becoming the first female meteorologist in Detroit television ranks as Kim’s proudest professional achievement, along with earning her seal of approval from the American Meteorological Society. Kim has won awards from the Associated Press and Michigan Association of Broadcasters for her weather reporting, and an Emmy from the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences for her work as a health reporter. Outside the station, Kim prides herself on her community involvement. Because of her work with the Special Olympics, Kim earned the Media Award from the Association of Retarded Citizens and was nominated for Woman of the Year by the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. But her most rewarding job is being a room mom, Girl Scout Troop leader, and child advocate for the Childrens Hospital of Michigan and Holy Cross Childrens Services. Kim is a mother to five children, a girl and 4 boys ages 1-12.

Click here to see blog posts by Kim Adams.

Looks For Less: Imperial Sofa


Sometimes our busy lives prevent us from shopping for the best deal.  That’s why at Gardner-White we decided to do the shopping for you.  If you’re shopping for a classic and luxurious look but don’t want to ‘break the bank’, the Imperial Leather Sofa is the best value by far.  It’s listed at hot #94 in our anniversary sale for a good reason.  At only $1,099 compared to the Target® sofa, you can save $600 and get a larger couch!  The quality construction and a warm natural leather with supportive cushions make this classic look comfortable, while the hand carved wood trim adds a touch of subtle elegance.

Shop for our hot #94 item on our anniversary sale today!

Sofa: 88″W x 36.5″D x 40″H

Looking for more?  We’ve got this available in a Big Picture Package with a Sofa, Loveseat, 3 tables, 2 lamps and a 55″ LED-TV!  Check it out today.


Charituesday: CARE Of Southeastern Michigan vs For The Seventh Generation


It’s Charituesday at Gardner-White and that means we need YOUR help to determine which non-profit organization will receive a $1,000 Gardner-White gift certificate to use for community members in need.  This week you will be voting between CARE Of Southeastern Michigan and For The Seventh Generation.  Both will automatically be receiving a $500 Gardner-White gift certificate, but it doesn’t end there!  The organization with the most votes on our Gardner-White poll will DOUBLE their prize to $1,000!

(VOTE ONCE PER DAY FROM 7/21/15 AT 10:00 A.M. THROUGH 7/28/15 AT 9 A.M.)


About CARE Of Southeastern Michigan

CARE of Southeastern Michigan has served as the area’s lead referral source for substance abuse treatment since 1977. We’re pleased to provide the assessments people need as a starting point on the path to recovery, along with the counseling, workshops and case management they need to find their own way.

Our mission is to educate, link and support individuals, families, businesses and communities affected by family concerns, workplace challenges, mental health conditions and the misuse of alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs.  Our educational resources help people avoid negative influences, provide people with the treatment and support to help change their lives, and help people rediscover their value as human beings.

Volunteers are always needed to help out at fundraising and program events. If you are interested in being contacted to help with events, you can be added to the list by filling out our contact form.

“Life Happens.  We Can Help.” – CARE of Southeastern Michigan

About For The Seventh Generation

For The Seventh Generation supports foster children by matching donated services and goods with the children who need them. Michigan’s foster care system provides the bare basics that a child needs to survive. Through the generosity of our community, FTSG makes it possible for them to thrive.

Children in foster care have special needs. We know from experience that there are many individuals and organizations who sincerely want to help them. Our mission is to bring these organizations and individuals together with children who need support in a clear, efficient, and continuing manner.

We served over 1,000 foster children and families in 2014 alone, providing everything from beds and home repairs to Prom dresses and glasses.

For more about how For The Seventh Generation works to support children in foster care in Metropolitan Detroit click here. If you’re ready to commit to supporting a child, click here to get started.

Gardner-White and Sealy donate to help homeless families.


Sealy joins the Gardner-White Best Sleep Team

Sealy and Gardner-White Furniture, two names that America has trusted for more than 100 years for great night sleeps, have joined forces. Starting today, Sealy bedding will be available at all Gardner-White retail locations.

This addition makes Gardner-White Michigan’s undisputed Best Sleep leader. Gardner-White has Michigan’s largest bedding selection, with more mattresses, more brands, and more free extras at the guaranteed lowest prices. Gardner-White’s line up of all-star brands includes Serta, Beautyrest, Tempurpedic, iComfort, and now, Sealy.











Additionally, Gardner-White is the only retailer in the Midwest to offer same-day delivery, so that a consumer can purchase a mattress today and sleep on it that same night. This is part of Gardner-White’s Best Sleep Guarantee, which includes free same-day delivery, guaranteed lowest prices, and a comfort guarantee that Gardner-White will exchange a consumer’s mattress hassle-free if they’re not satisfied. Additionally, Gardner-White has professional factory-trained bedding experts who undergo rigorous training and testing to make sure consumers land on a mattress that is right for them.

As part of the launch of Sealy bedding, Gardner-White is providing nearly 100 pieces of bedding, along with additional furniture, to Humble Design, a Detroit-based non-profit organization helping families transitioning out of homeless shelters by providing furnishings and design services. Humble Design is critically short of beds, which is why Gardner-White stepped in to ensure that operations can continue and families can be served, especially in advance of the next school year.

ABOUT GARDNER-WHITE: Gardner-White Furniture has been a Michigan-owned and operated home furnishings retailer since 1912. Today, Gardner-White operates nine stores throughout southeast Michigan and offers consumers stylish and accessible furniture and accessories. Gardner-White has been an innovator in the home furnishings business since day one: it was one of the first companies to offer consumer Big Picture TV Packages and the first home furnishings retailer in the Midwest to offer same-day delivery. Gardner-White works closely with the American Red Cross, Salvation Army, and other organizations to continuously improve our communities.

For a list of all Gardner-White store hours and locations click here.