Get to Know Our Gardner-White Employees Pt. 5


In honor of our Employee Discount Sale, we’d like our customers to get to know our employees better. Here are three people who work hard behind the scenes to bring you the best deals on furniture and mattresses in Metro-Detroit.

“I love going to Red Wing games!”

Ashley B. — Customer Service Representative, Canton


Ashley B. has worked as a customer service representative at the Canton location since 2010. Ashley loves working for Gardner-White Furniture because of the family atmosphere and the new “family members” she has gained over the past five years.

“We have many guests that visit our store monthly to make payments, and we get to know each other. It is nice to see familiar faces each month and get to know our customers by name,” says Ashley.

Ashley’s favorite thing at Gardner-White is the Raven Bedroom Set, which she purchased for herself.

“The Raven has a nice color balance; it is unique looking, and durable. The curved legs are something that I have yet to see on another bedroom set,” said Ashley.

Ashley is an Eastern Michigan University alumna and is currently attending Madonna University where she is studying American Sign Language.

“ASL is a wonderful language, and I am extremely excited to be fluent one day,” said Ashley.

“I love to sing and play the piano!”

Randel G. — Salesperson, Warren Store on Groesbeck


Randel G. has worked for Gardner-White Furniture for the past two months as a sales consultant at our Warren store on Groesbeck. Randel enjoys working here because he has a passion for assisting individuals to better their personal lives.

Randel loves any piece of furniture by designer Jonathan Louis.

“I love the selection of fabrics. I have several pieces in my current home and plan to purchase more,” said Randel.

Outside of work, Randel loves to sing and play the piano, which he’s been doing since age three. He even played with the Fort Wayne Orchestra for five years.

“I find the piano a great remedy for stress!” says Randel.

An interesting fact about Randel is he worked on the 105.17 public laws in Washington D.C. and stood before a congressional hearing committee to defend the rights of individuals with special needs.

“I make the best banana bread!”

Chrissy V. — Office Manager, Macomb Store on Hall Rd.


Chrissy V. is the office manager at the Macomb store on Hall Road and has been a part of the Gardner-White Furniture family for the past four years. Chrissy’s favorite parts about working at GW are the family-like relationships she has developed with her co-workers and helping customers.

“Seeing customers come back and knowing that we helped make their home look great is so rewarding!” said Chrissy.

Chrissy’s favorite collection used to be the Riviera but since we no longer carry that collection, the Clarkston is a close second.

Outside of managing the office on Hall Road, Chrissy loves to spend time with her family, friends and shop. Chrissy can speak some German and is from the great state of Texas!

“I like to take my dog Layla for walks and car rides!”

Grant B. — Salesperson, Macomb Store on Hall Rd.


Grant B. has been working in sales at Hall Road for four years. Grant’s favorite part of working at Gardner-White Furniture is the staff that he gets to work with, especially the “BEST office manager in the company, Chrissy V.”

Grant’s favorite collection is the iComfort mattresses.

“I love the iComfort mattresses because I can fall asleep in less than five minutes on that bad boy,” said Grant.

Outside of work, Grant enjoys working on cars, spending time with his loved ones, playing poker and taking his dog for walks and car rides. Grant also just got engaged to the love of his life this past Christmas.

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