Get to Know Our Gardner-White Employees Pt. 2


In honor of our Employee Discount Sale, we’d like our customers to get to know our employees better. Here are three people who work hard behind the scenes to bring you the best deals on furniture and mattresses in Metro-Detroit.

Melissa G. — Art Director

“I prefer if you called me Mel!”


Melissa G. is our newest employee to the corporate office as Art Director (extraordinaire); she started here at Gardner-White back in November of 2014. Mel’s favorite part of working at Gardner-White are the people.

“I have never worked at a place so full of people that are so welcoming and nice. And so up-to-date on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.”

Mel’s favorite collection is the Aquarium because it always looks so great in the emails she designs.

When Mel isn’t creating wonderful emails at work, she enjoys reading, writing, knitting, baking/selling cupcakes, volunteering at the library and doing all the things expected of her by her cats and dog.

Mel is married to an engineer, which usually results in things around her house becoming overly complicated, and technical. “All the lights, our alarm clock, the sound system and my husband are very technical.”

Larry M. — Director of Information Technology

“I met my wife at Disneyland!”


Larry M. is the director of Information Technology… basically he is the go-to guy for when the Internet breaks and the world collapses. Larry has been a part of the Gardner-White since 2012. Larry’s favorite part about working at Gardner-White are the people.

Larry’s favorite collection is the Laguna because, “my daughter loves it.”

When Larry isn’t saving the company from failing phone lines, spotty wi-fi connections and printer malfunctions, his #1 activity is spending time with his family. Larry also likes to go to Cedar Point, Disneyland & Disney World, travel, go RVing, game and produce video web shows.

A fun fact about Larry is he met his wife at Disneyland, how cute it that? He is also the VP of the Lamphere Bands at his daughter’s high school.

Taylor A. — Advertising Administrator & Photographer

“I have always wanted to go to Texas!”

Screen shot 2015-03-13 at 11.00.05 AM

Taylor A. is the Advertising Administrator & Photographer here at Gardner-White. She started as an Intern in the Advertising Department before Halloween of this past year and has recently started working full-time.

Taylor’s favorite part of working at Gardner-White are the people.

“I work with the most amazing people in the best department. We are always joking around and having a good time while still getting lots of work done,” she says.

Taylor’s favorite pieces of furniture are the Davis Beds. Ever since she photographed them back in November, she has been in love!

“The upholstery is gorgeous, the quality is excellent, and the colors are extremely popular right now,” said Taylor.

Outside of work Taylor enjoys riding her bike, spending time with family, and watching an unhealthy amount of Netflix. Photography is also a hobby of hers.

“Any time the weather is nice, I like to grab my camera and take a nice drive to a scenic place,” Taylor states.

Taylor graduated from Oakland University back in March where she majored in Liberal Studies and minored in Advertising and Studio Art. Taylor has also always wanted to go to Texas.

“I’m not really sure why but ever sine I was young I have always had a dream of traveling to the Lone Star State!”

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