Organize Your Home with Specialty Storage

If furniture isn’t here to make your life easier and more comfortable, what is it good for? Not only is specialty storage fashionable, but it’s functional too. Lets take a look at some unique storage pieces that Gardner-White offers:


1. Faux Fireplaces. These specialty storage pieces not only bring the illusion and warmth of a fire to your living room, but they also allow you to store your electronics neatly. Some even have storage doors to hide messy cords, remote controls or gaming systems. Shop our Fireplaces here.


2. Wine Racks. For the homeowners that like to entertain, this Bombay Wine Rack puts wine bottles on display in an organized fashion. Gardner-White also carries a variety of wine cabinets with built-in refrigeration in-store. Get the Bombay Wine Rack here.


3. Valets. For the people who like to catch an extra 5 minutes of sleep in the morning, this Bombay Valet is for you. This piece of specialty storage allows you to organize the outfit you’d like to wear the next day the night before. Hang your clothing on the tall hanger and pick out the perfect tie, watch or jewelry and place inside the drawer. Get the Bombay Valet here.


4. Storage Ottomans. Storage ottomans can be used in a variety of ways. Take this Red Leather Storage Ottoman; it can be used as both an ottoman and a cocktail table, all while storing blankets, pillows and anything else you need to hide. See all of our storage ottomans here.

Do you have specialty storage in your home? We want to see it! Upload a picture to our Facebook page or tag us in a photo on Instagram @GardnerWhite.

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