Organize Your Home with Specialty Storage

If furniture isn’t here to make your life easier and more comfortable, what is it good for? Not only is specialty storage fashionable, but it’s functional too. Lets take a look at some unique storage pieces that Gardner-White offers:


1. Faux Fireplaces. These specialty storage pieces not only bring the illusion and warmth of a fire to your living room, but they also allow you to store your electronics neatly. Some even have storage doors to hide messy cords, remote controls or gaming systems. Shop our Fireplaces here.


2. Wine Racks. For the homeowners that like to entertain, this Bombay Wine Rack puts wine bottles on display in an organized fashion. Gardner-White also carries a variety of wine cabinets with built-in refrigeration in-store. Get the Bombay Wine Rack here.


3. Valets. For the people who like to catch an extra 5 minutes of sleep in the morning, this Bombay Valet is for you. This piece of specialty storage allows you to organize the outfit you’d like to wear the next day the night before. Hang your clothing on the tall hanger and pick out the perfect tie, watch or jewelry and place inside the drawer. Get the Bombay Valet here.


4. Storage Ottomans. Storage ottomans can be used in a variety of ways. Take this Red Leather Storage Ottoman; it can be used as both an ottoman and a cocktail table, all while storing blankets, pillows and anything else you need to hide. See all of our storage ottomans here.

Do you have specialty storage in your home? We want to see it! Upload a picture to our Facebook page or tag us in a photo on Instagram @GardnerWhite.

Charituesday: March of Dimes & MIU Men’s Health Foundation

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This week’s #Charituesday benefits not only one deserving charitable organization, but two! Both March of Dimes Metro Detroit and MIU Men’s Health Foundation will be receiving $500 Gardner-White gift certificates to use for community members in need. Here’s the best part; the organization with the most votes on our Gardner-White Facebook poll will DOUBLE their prize to $1,000!

About March of Dimes Metro Detroit

WJR and Frank Beckmann present the 34th Annual ITC Golf Classic benefiting the March of Dimes.  A grand tradition since 1981, one of southeast Michigan’s greatest charity traditions has occurred and the tradition will continue on Tuesday, August 19, 2014 at the historic Indianwood Golf & Country Club in Lake Orion, MI. Noted sports figures, media personalities and business leaders will join together for a day of friendly competition on the links.

Throughout its history, the event has raised well over $5 million in support of the March of Dimes efforts to save babies from premature birth that cause lifelong health problems and disabilities.  In Michigan 114,500 babies were born, and 14,000 babies were pre-term and the March of Dimes helped each and every one of them through research, education, vaccines, and breakthroughs. Your support will help fund the March of Dimes mission: to improve the health of babies by preventing birth defects, premature birth and infant mortality.  $.88 cents of every dollar goes back to the March of Dimes in helping all babies to be born healthy.

Learn more about the March of Dimes here.

About the MIU Men’s Health Foundation
Since 2008, Michigan Institute of Urology has been the principal and founding partner of MIU – Run for the Ribbon. In 2011, MIU – Run for the Ribbon transitioned into MIU – Men’s Health Foundation, broadening our commitment to men in the community while still focusing on filling the overwhelming need for prostate cancer and men’s health advocacy.

As a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, MIU Men’s Health Foundation is dedicated to men’s health advocacy and the awareness, education, research and treatment of prostate cancer and men’s health related issues.

Previously, the Foundation provided grants to the The Erectile Dysfunction Foundation, Oakland University William Beaumont School of Medicine for students focusing study on men’s health and $50,000 to William Beaumont Foundation for research on the improvement of prostate cancer survivorship as well as prostate cancer research and patient care with the DaVinci robot.

In 2014, MIU Men’s Health Foundation founded Fight Like a Man International, a multi-disciplinary collaborative of health care experts across the world who are dedicated men’s health advocates. Physicians, researchers, community advocates and public health experts from the United State, United Kingdom, Canada and Australia (with more to come) are sharing knowledge, resources and community services to improve health and advance men’s health across the world.

Learn more about the MIU Men’s Health Foundation here.

How You Can Help

Visit the Gardner-White poll here, and vote for your favorite charity once per day. Gardner-White will donate a $500 gift certificate to both March of Dimes Metro Detroit & MIU Men’s Health Foundation. We will donate an additional $500 for a grand total of $1,000 to the organization that gets the most votes. Check back next week to see which organization will get the bonus!

Contemporary, Traditional and Transitional Styles Defined

Contemporary, Traditional and Transitional styles of design are the three most common in the furniture industry. For those just starting to look for furniture, it can be hard to determine what your personal style is. After you read our handy guide, you’ll know exactly what style is right for your home.


Contemporary style is sometimes referred to as “modern.” This style is most known for being extremely sleek, with straight lines and a minimalist look. The color palette is most always neutral, with pops of bold color used throughout. The shape of Contemporary furniture is always very basic with straight legs and arms. Glass and metal are materials that are often used to construct Contemporary furniture due to the sharp lines.

Some great Contemporary pieces from Gardner-White include:


The sleek, straight lines, chrome legs and minimalist look make the Ebony Collection the epitome of Contemporary style. · Shop here:


The Tremont Collection has both a neutral color palette and straight lines. The brushed nickel hardware on the server adds to the Contemporary style. · Shop here:


The Burbank Collection showcases minimalism through the simple hardware, the engraved straight lines and sharp corners. · Shop now:


Traditional style is classic in every sense of the word. With this style, craftsmanship is highlighted by including heavy detailing such as hand-carved wood, patterned fabrics and intricate hardware. This style borrows the fundamentals of 18th Century English, French Country and Old World styles.

Here are great examples of Traditional furniture Gardner-White offers:


The Fresco Collection is very Traditional. The intricate hand-carved wood detailing, the thick, patterned fabric and the coupling of leather and fabric paints a picture of Old World charm. · Shop now:


The Baypark Collection, while lighter in color, still has many of the qualities that make this set of furniture Traditional in design. The chairs, china cabinet and pedestal table all share the same ornately carved wood that compliments the rich fabric of the chair seats. · Shop here:


You’ll get rich, Traditional style with the Cabernet Bedroom Collection. The rolled and tufted design of the bed is a hallmark of Traditional design. · Shop here:


Transitional style is a balance between Contemporary and Traditional styles. This style generally employs the neutral color palette of Contemporary style but strays from angular shapes and instead showcases the rounded look of Traditional styles.

Gardner-White has a variety of Transitional furniture including:


The Lindy Collection by Jonathan Louis is a wonderful example of Transitional design. The Contemporary, neutral color palette mixed with the soft pattern of the accent chair blends beautifully with the Traditional rolled arms and tufted back. · Shop now:


The Jacob Collection is a dining set that defines Transitional. At first glance, you might think the wood & glass combination paired with the sleek lines makes this Contemporary, but the subtle Traditional curves of the pedestal table and seat backs make this set Transitional. · Shop here:


The Unique Collection blends Contemporary and Traditional styles seamlessly into one gorgeous Transitional set. The tufted faux-leather headboard with the straight lines of the bed frame make a great combination. · Shop here:

Whether your style resonates strongly with Contemporary, Traditional or Transitional styles, Gardner-White has you covered. Which is more your style? Let us know on our Facebook Page or send us an Instagram photo of your favorite looks to @GardnerWhite.

Which Organization Gets the $1,000 Charituesday Prize?

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Congratulations to Cystic Fibrosis Foundation – Michigan Chapter! They received 118 votes this past week in our Charituesday Facebook poll – that means Gardner-White will double our donation from $500 to $1,000!

A huge thank you to Gilda’s Club of Metro Detroit; they received 28 votes and $500 from Gardner-White!

Read more about these wonderful charities and the great things they do for the Metro Detroit community here.

GW Customer of the Month: Dave B. from Wyandotte

Our GW Customer of the Month is Dave B. from Wyandotte! He visited our Taylor location and purchased a mattress, boxspring and new recliner. We’re sending Dave B. a $100 gift certificate for being a loyal Gardner-White customer.

Dave B from Wyandotte 7-17-14


GW: Name of your salesperson
Dave B.: John Lopen

GW: At which store did you shop?
Dave B.: Taylor, MI

GW: How soon after you placed your order did you get your delivery?
Dave B.: I received my delivery on Sunday 7/13/2014, actually before I expected it to arrive. I had a 4pm-11pm window and my delivery was made by 5:00 pm.

GW: What is your favorite part of being a Michigander?
Dave B.: That we’re a unique state compared to others.  We have a lot of great places to visit whether you’re Downriver, Downtown Detroit, in Royal Oak or up north.

GW: What inspired you to purchase new furniture?
Dave B.: My old mattress and box spring were worn out.

GW: What’s the next room you’d like to redesign in your home?
Dave B.: I want to get a new sofa for my living room (already eyes at Gardner White).  I would like to renovate my spare bedroom/computer room.  I want to make it more user friendly for overnight guests & be able to continue to use it as my home office/workspace.

GW: What is your favorite piece of furniture in your home and why do you love it?
Dave B.:  My new mattress and box spring! Why? I am finally getting a good nights sleep.

GW: What did you think about Gardner-White customer service?
Dave B.: Gardner-White compared to the competition (in my opinion) has the advantage.  I wasn’t attacked when I walked through the door as I was by the competition when I started shopping.  I walked out of the [competition’s] place as it was not a pleasant experience and drove to the Gardner-White in Taylor, MI.  Needless to say, I’m now loyal to Gardner-White. I am above and beyond VERY pleased with my experience at Gardner-White.


Have you recently purchased furniture at Gardner-White and want to be GW’s Customer of the Month? Email us at and it could happen! We’ll send you a $100 gift certificate if you’re chosen.

Put the ‘Fun’ in Functional in Your Child’s Bedroom

Children’s rooms can be tricky to furnish. Often times, a child’s bedroom is one of the smaller rooms in a home, so it not only has to have a kid-friendly design, but it has to be functional too. Here are some of our favorite picks that will keep both you and your kid happy:

1. The University Collection. This collection is extremely versatile and appeals to young children, teens and even college-aged kids. The space saving design of the bunk beds combined with the extra storage space in the trundle and stairs makes this one of the most functional pieces of furniture you could own. Add the media chest and dresser for maximum storage.


2. The Ponderosa Collection. Like the University Collection, the Ponderosa Collection also offers a bunk bed with hidden storage. If bunk beds aren’t right for your child’s bedroom, you can get just as much storage with the Captain’s Bed. Four drawers and a cabinet are located underneath the bed platform, and shelving is included in the headboard.


3. The Jenny Collection. This collection is perfect for parents who have a child that changes their favorite color every day. The interchangeable color panels and hardware come standard in purple, pink, yellow and green on nearly every piece in the collection. Your child can pick one color or mix and match to create their unique space. Choose a trundle bed, loft with computer desk or other space saving pieces in this collection.


4. The Maribel Collection. This collection is great for teens. The five-drawer chest, large dresser and nightstand provide ample storage space for those with even the biggest wardrobes. The Maribel bed comes in both twin and full sizes, perfect for teens with smaller rooms.


Does your child have a fabulous room? We want to see it! Post a picture on our Facebook page or tag us in an Instagram photo @GardnerWhite.

#Charituesday Gilda’s Club & Cystic Fibrosis Foundation

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This week’s #Charituesday benefits not only one deserving charitable organization, but two! Both Gilda’s Club of Metro Detroit and the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation – Michigan Chapter will be receiving $500 Gardner-White gift certificates to use for community members in need. Here’s the best part; the organization with the most votes on our Gardner-White Facebook poll will DOUBLE their prize to $1,000!

About Gilda’s Club of Metro Detroit
Gilda’s Club Metro Detroit provides a social and emotional support program for men, women, teens and children living with cancer, their families and friends in a nonresidential, home-like setting. There is no cost to participate in our program. Their services include support groups for people living with cancer, family members and cancer-specific topics (such as young adults with cancer, women of color, multiple myeloma, breast cancer, etc.), as well as education lectures on a variety of cancer-related topics. They also provide workshops such as yoga, beading, colored pencils, quilting, guided imagery, specific activities for children and teens, bereavement support groups and monthly social events. Learn more about the Gilda’s Club here.

About the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation – Michigan Chapter

The Cystic Fibrosis Foundation is the world’s leader in the search for a cure for cystic fibrosis. They fund more CF research than any other organization, and nearly every CF drug available today was made possible because of Foundation support. They are a nonprofit donor-supported organization dedicated to attacking cystic fibrosis from every angle. Their focus is to support the development of new drugs to fight the disease, improve the quality of life for those with CF, and ultimately to find a cureLearn more about the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation – Michigan Chapter here.

How You Can Help

Visit the Gardner-White poll here, and vote for your favorite charity once per day. Gardner-White will donate a $500 gift certificate to both Gilda’s Club and the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation. We will donate an additional $500 for a grand total of $1,000 to the organization that gets the most votes. Check back next week to see which organization will get the bonus!

The Five Must-Haves for Your Man Cave

What is a man cave? It’s a space designated for and designed by the man of the house where he can partake in activities like: watching sports, drinking beer and/or taking a snore-filled man nap. The very best man caves are decked out, but to do that you’re going to need some stuff. Here are our man cave must-haves:


1. An ultra-comfortable sofa or sectional. What good is a man cave if you can’t sit comfortably to watch the big game? The furniture in the Fenway Collection is extremely relaxing with the soft brown two-toned leather and dual recliners (plus cup holders come standard on the loveseat!). Bonus: the Fenway Collection resembles a shiny new baseball glove or a football. How much sportier can you get?


2. A recliner with a cup holder. Every man needs a throne for his man cave. This Black Power Massage Recliner is just the ticket! It comes complete with power reclining, full body massagers, blue LED lights and a cup holder that will chill your beer with the push of a button. Walk, don’t run, to buy this recliner here.


3. A really big TV. The only proper way to watch the Detroit Tigers is if you can see each individual blade of grass in the outfield. That means you’re going to need a big HDTV. Instead of buying your furniture and TV separately, Gardner-White offers great Big Picture Packages™ that include a sofa & loveseat or sectional with accessories and a free 51″ HDTV. For a limited time, you’ll also get two free tickets to Cedar Point! Check out our Big Picture Packages™ here.


4. An entertainment center for your really big TV. Now that you have this big TV, where are you going to put it? A large entertainment center not only ties the man cave together, but also provides an attractive way to display your expansive DVD collection and figurines …oops, we mean “action figures”. Check out our entertainment centers here.


5. A bar and bar stools. The best man caves have a fully stocked bar where friends and family can hang out. The bar from the North Collection is the perfect size for smaller man caves, and it’s a stand-alone piece so you can spend your time watching the game instead of building a costly permanent bar. Belly up to your new North Bar & Barstools by clicking here.

Do you have an awesome man cave? We want to see it! Post a photo of your man cave on our Facebook Page or send it to our Instagram @GardnerWhite.

And the $1,000 Charituesday Prize Goes to…


Congratulations to Detroit College Promise! They received 72 votes this past week in our Charituesday Facebook poll – that means Gardner-White will double our donation from $500 to $1,000!

A huge thank you to Capuchin Soup Kitchen; they received 40 votes and $500 from Gardner-White!

Read more about these wonderful charities and the great things they do for the Metro Detroit community here.

Gardner-White Job Fair – Canton – Wednesday, July 9 – Noon to 7pm

Gardner-White is having a job fair at our Canton Location:

  • Wednesday, July 9, Noon-7 pm.
  • 39453 Ford Rd., Canton, MI 48187
  • (734) 844-3190

What are we looking for?

We are looking to hire associates for Gardner-White stores in Canton, Waterford, our new location opening soon in Brighton, and eight other locations located throughout Metropolitan Detroit. Gardner-White is looking for candidates with entrepreneurial spirit who are seeking successful careers in commissioned sales.

Our sales people were ranked by Furniture Today as being the “best”.  Not only are they a core part of the Gardner-White team, they are a large part of what makes our company successful. Plus, you can determine your own income. Our average sales income is $52,000 a year and our top producers can earn in excess of $105,000.

With paid training and full benefits (Blue Cross Blue Shield), we offer our employees an opportunity to grow and be part of a great team. Don’t forget an updated version of your resume; we could hire you on the spot!

More about Gardner-White

Gardner-White Furniture has been a Michigan owned and operated furniture company since 1912. Gardner-White’s mission is to offer a value-conscious consumer excellent service and selection at an affordable price.

Come join us, we look forward to meeting you!