5 Easy Ways to Freshen Up Your Space

Angelo Surmelis of Angelo:HOME shows us how easy it is to achieve a summer makeover.

Angelo Surmelis of Angelo:HOME shows us how easy it is to achieve a summer room makeover.

With summer just around the corner, many are looking for ways to give their home a seasonal makeover without breaking the bank. Here are Gardner-White’s five tips on how to freshen up your space quickly and inexpensively.

· Add a pop of color. Neutral spaces can really benefit from brightly colored accessories, like lamps, throw pillows and art. Coordinate the accessories so that they are in the same color family, and it’s like you have a whole new room! See our accessories here & here.

· Reorganize bookshelves. Dusting the bookshelf is on most spring cleaning lists; however, instead of restacking the books as they were, switch it up! Try stacking your books sideways and/or upright to change the look. This is a great place to add more bright accessories. Don’t have a bookshelf? We have you covered with shelving to meet your needs. See our options here.

· Switch out old rugs. Out with the old and in with the new! Area rugs in high traffic areas can wear out and dull over time. Find a durable area rug in a color to match your accessories to really make your space stand out. Check out our area rugs here.

· Control your clutter. The best way to make your area feel clean and new is to de-clutter. Make style meet function with storage beds, ottomans with hidden storage or coffee tables. Here are some great storage options.

· Introduce some contrast. Speaking of coffee tables, they too can be used to make your room look new. If you have light colored furniture, consider adding a dark cocktail table and vice versa. Designers say a contrasting coffee table can help define the space and create a focal point. See our selection of coffee tables here.

Do you have tips on how you freshened up your space for summer? We would love to hear them! Leave us a comment below or write us on our Facebook page.

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