#Charituesdays at Gardner-White

This Week’s #Charituesdays: Angels of Hope

We’re more than just great deals and big sales.

For quite some time, we at Gardner-White have been all about giving our customers the best deals on furniture, mattresses and home accessories in Metro Detroit. I mean, come on; you can get a Big Picture Package with a sofa, a loveseat, three tables, two lamps, a rug, a 51″ Samsung HDTV and a free soundbar IN ONE PACKAGE. That’s a seriously good deal.

But, it’s 2014 now (weird, right?) and we’ve resolved to step up our charitable giving game. So, in addition to providing impeccable bargains for our customers, we are enabling our ‘Charituesdays’ campaign, through which we will donate items from the wish lists of local charities found in our 2014 Giving Guide. Each charity has its own list of necessities and we want to help as many as we can, but we need your help, too.

So, How’s it all going to work?

Every other Tuesday, beginning Jan. 7, 2014, we will choose a different charity from the Giving Guide and select something from its wish list to donate. We will announce the organization and the item we plan to donate through our Facebook and Twitter pages. All we ask of you is to share and/or retweet the post to your friends and followers. That’s it. If the post reaches 50 shares by the end of the week, we will donate the item(s) to the chosen charity.

How much easier could it be? The organizations get the recognition and items they need, we hold on to our New Year’s resolution, and you help us both just by clicking the “share” or “retweet” button. If you’re feeling inspired, swing by any of our Gardner-White locations to pick up a Giving Guide or talk to us on social media. We’d love to help you help!


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