You Pay What We Pay. Seriously.

You know how sometimes you’ll hear about an “unbelievable” deal that will save you “tons” of money but you end up wading through a bunch of nonsense just to find out your savings aren’t even that special? Well, our Employee Discount Sale is the exact opposite of that.

It was simple really; we took our employee discount in one hand, our already-low prices in the other, rubbed them together and POOF! stellar savings. Well, that’s not quite how it happened but it may as well have been. Seriously, you’ll think magic was involved when you see the prices we set.

Take the Manning sofa, for instance. Its cushions will absorb your aches, pains and stresses while providing ample support. The lavish microfiber fabric it’s wrapped with is so soft you’ll wake up from a nap thinking you just snoozed in a pile of puppies. Yeah, a pile of puppies. If that wasn’t enough to make you throw your money at us, our discount saves you an extra $545 and we’re giving you four accent pillows for free. Let all that soak in a minute.

This is the last weekend to save wads of cash like this, so it would be a great idea to head to one of our ten locations to check out the deals face-to-face. Stop by, test out our furniture and see exactly what a pile of puppies might feel like. We assure you though, it is as incredible as it sounds.

If you can’t make it to a store this weekend, don’t worry. The final day of the entire sale is Wednesday Nov. 6 and we are staying open until 10 p.m. Plus of course, you can always shop online. We have big things to announce soon too, so check back often. Stay comfy.

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