Black Friday! And Saturday, and Sunday, and Monday, and Tues…

It’s pretty obvious the best part about Black Friday is all the ludicrous deals and dangerously low prices on the best gifts of the year.

It’s also easy to see the worst part of Black Friday: dealing with wall-to-wall shoppers filled with frustration when the one item you were waiting for gets snatched up by the person two spots in front of you.The perfect solution? Have Black Friday now, and for a long time.

So that’s what we decided to do.

We started our Black Friday Now sale on Nov. 14 so you can:

  1. – Save between 60-80% by taking an extra 30% off the lowest sale price.
  2. – Get your furniture tax-free. (We pay the tax for you. You’re welcome.)
  3. – Chow down on five free pizzas from Hungry Howie’s when you spend $699 or more.
  4. – Have the chance to win TVs, gift cards, soundbars, Amazon Kindles, Samsung Galaxy Tabs, and more every day during the sale. 
  5. – Buy your furniture any day of the week and have it in your home the same day. (Yeah, we do Same Day Delivery. It’s kind of our thing.)
  6. – Avoid camping in front the store at 3 a.m. with the deal hounds.

Bottom line is, don’t even worry about Black Friday. We have all the deals you could ever need, seven days a week. And hey, if you are still feeling adventurous and hit the stores on the 29th, swing by one of our showrooms and test out a recliner or two. It’ll feel nice to get off your feet a while.

Winners of the daily giveaway will be contacted directly, then announced on our Facebook page. We love to make people happy, so check it often for even more giveaways, deals and fun.


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