Summer Home Update: Gardner-White Furniture Brings Style and Value to Michigan Families

Recently celebrating its 100 years of valued service, Gardner-White Furniture looks to help metro Detroit, Michigan families create better homes. The company understands individuality and personality, and how every home has its own feel and limitations. More importantly when redoing a home’s interior, cost becomes a major concern. Gardner-White addresses this concern in a new statement to the press.

The NoHo (North Hollywood) Arts District published an article that provides 10 tips for saving money while updating your home for the summer season. Refreshing a home’s interior is important to its residents’ well-being. Colors and quality furniture foster joy and creativity, and all of this is available for a reasonable cost if a consumer knows where to look.

“A fresh coat of paint and new accent colors can do wonders for a home,” Gardner-White Furniture representatives say. “Replenishing your home should be done at least once a year, which is why it is important to put cost and taste first.”

A paint job can freshen up a room and make it feel like new. Choose summer colors, like pink and turquoise, to bring out the light. NoHo says fresh paint can revitalize a room. Lamps are another room staple that are easily implemented, but it’s not necessary to buy an entirely new set of lamps to engage in this process. Simply change the shade.

Rugs, like paint, are one of the first things guests notice in a room. There are many sizes, shapes, colors, and types of rugs. Runners, for example, can lead newcomers down a hallway and passively introduce them to new colors and styles, all the while making impossible hallways less dull. Rugs come with endless choices and options; a bright, highly stylized rug adds a splash of color a living room, while functional, low-toned dining room rugs quiet the space and protect hardwood floors. Gardner-White has added the Rizzy Home rugs to their lineup. The all wool rugs come in many brillant colors.

Buying a new set of accent pillows is another way to easily — and cheaply — bring new flavor into a room. Homeowners can also position new, brightly colored towels on hooks, stove handles, and anywhere else. Towels are small, but add a speck of color that draws the eye away from unsavory features.

Another tip to implement is to consider changing out duvets, shams, sheets, and pillows for something new. Or to save money, simply keep an extra set in a closet used during the summer months. Light can change a room, too. Test out different wattages, and see if a softer bulb makes a room more spacious and comfortable.

Have a green thumb? An individual looking for a change in their home can always add a few potted plants. Find bright, easy-to-maintain flowers and unique ways to pot them. Put daisies in an old mason jar or glass milk jug.

“Repurposing items around the house is a cost-efficient method for bringing life into a room,” Gardner-White Furniture says. “It shouldn’t cost anything for families to enjoy a terrific environment at home for everyday living.”

There is no limit on what a consumer can create to make a home expressive and fresh. Experiment with existing trends or try out personal ideas — rearranging furniture is free, and all it takes is a little effort. Gardner-White Furniture wants to help save consumers money and recreate their home’s interior — take up their offer and discover new possibilities.


Gardner-White Furniture has 10 stores throughout the Michigan area. The furniture store chain has offered great looks for less since 1912, and continues to help homeowners revitalize their lives with new furniture. The company is dedicated to community involvement and regularly sponsors and assists a variety of local charities. The furniture chain is equally as dedicated to helping local metro Detroit consumers realize the best in home interior style while sticking to personal budgets.