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The Fox 2 Giving Guide

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‘Tis the season for giving…and it’s even more special when you give to those in your own community. Along with Fox 2, we at Gardner-White are pleased to put together The Fox 2 Giving Guide, an annual book that features more than 100 local non-profits agencies and their respective “wish lists.” These wish lists are made up of the things the non-profits need to be able to help others.

You can find charitable organizations from A to Z that work hard all year serving people in Michigan. Remember, during the holiday season a little goes a long way and every person can make a difference.

The Gardner-White family was pleased to help a local family in need by providing them with furniture for their home before the holidays. The children received toys thanks to the Bottomless Toy Chest.  See the full story of how Christmas came early for a family working to overcome particularly difficult times.

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The Giving Guide is available at any of our locations and can also be downloaded here.

We invite you to tune in to a special show on Fox 2 hosted by Sherry Margolis, where she will spotlight some of The Giving Guide’s charities and the special stories of those who have supported the giving efforts.

Air dates as follows:

  • AIRS: December 24th 6pm (1/2 HOUR version)
  • AIRS: December 25th 7a (ONE HOUR VERSION)
  • AIRS: December 25th 11am (1/2 HOUR VERSION)
  • AIRS: December 25th 5pm (ONE HOUR VERSION)
  • AIRS: January 2nd 4:30 (1/12 hour version)

We are pleased to be a part of this special effort with Fox 2 and Fresh 100.3. Happy holidays to all and thank you for your support!

Christmas comes early for local family with sick child with some help from Gardner-White

Christmas comes early for local family with sick child

DETROIT (WJBK) — As the Williams family is led outside by an elf, little do they know a Christmas surprise is about to happen. They think they’re outside to unload a few packages from a car.

But thanks to the help of others, the family was treated to an extra special surprise; turning an empty house into a furnished home. And it all started thanks to a special nine-year-old named Daniel.

“I had to stop working which means I have no income,” said Tina Williams, a single mother of five caring for Daniel, recently diagnosed with cancer.

With no income, Williams couldn’t afford to furnish their new apartment. When things seemed darkest, the Bottomless Toy Chest stepped in. The non-profit provides toys for pediatric cancer patients. “When we heard about their story, we knew their need was much greater than toys,” said Mickey Guisewite.

That’s when Gardner-White Furniture answered the call. “As soon as we heard, we knew we had to help,” said Pamela George, director of store operations at Garnder-White. “A family in need of furniture? What better marriage is there?”

The family’s once-empty living and bedrooms are now ready for Christmas thanks to Garder-White’s donation. Birmingham Brother Rice’s varsity hockey team, along with UBS Financial Services of Troy, even chipped in with presents for the under the Christmas tree.

“I think today shows us what the holiday season is all about,” said Guisewite.

Detroit Shows Signs of Middle-Market Rebound: Furniture Today

Gardner-White’s big growth push is a testament to the power that Detroit’s economic engine is generating. The strength in this most blue collar of cities is a good sign for the mattress industry, I think. Bob Quinn, whose factory produces the broad line of Restonic sleep sets that are floored at Gardner- White, told me over breakfast at The Henry that the death of the middle market has been greatly exaggerated.

Written by: David Perry of Furniture Today

The day dawned bright and cold. The dining room on the 10th floor of The Henry hotel afforded an expansive view of the Detroit skyline, where puffy ribbons of commerce unfurled from the smokestacks that dotted the horizon. The day was coming alive. Workers were warming up their offices and factories.
I took in that view the other day with Restonic President Ron Passaglia and Bob Quinn, president of Restonic Sleep Products of New Albany, Ind. It was an instructive scene, one that sheds light on a key opportunity facing the mattress industry.
“The middle of the market is showing signs of life,” Quinn observed, looking out at the Detroit landscape. The three of us were in the heart of auto country in Dearborn, Mich. Yes, The Henry is named after automobile pioneer Henry Ford. Ford’s world headquarters, known affectionately to locals as The Glass House, are a short drive away. The Henry sits, appropriately enough, on Fairlane Plaza.
We were in Detroit to visit Gardner-White, a growing furniture independent that includes Restonic in its bedding assortment. That retailer recently added three stores to its lineup and is thriving in, of all places, Detroit.
Steve Tronstein, president of Gardner-White, told us that some people are surprised at his company’s success. Detroit is not the down-and-out city of popular thought, he said.
Gardner-White’s big growth push is a testament to the power that Detroit’s economic engine is generating. The strength in this most blue collar of cities is a good sign for the mattress industry, I think. Bob Quinn, whose factory produces the broad line of Restonic sleep sets that are floored at Gardner- White, told me over breakfast at The Henry that the death of the middle market has been greatly exaggerated.
“Our competition thinks the middle of the market is gone,” he said, “but it didn’t disappear. We have growth there. The values we offer there are significantly better than those that our leveraged competitors can bring to bear.”
Quinn says some middle-class consumers had to postpone their bedding purchases in the tough times that hit the industry in recent years. But now, he says, money for mattresses is returning to the middle class, which is showing strength as the economy experiences an uptick, and offers the prospect of even more growth ahead for companies like Restonic. He believes a resurgence in those middle price points, from $599 to $999, is coming.
Our visit to Detroit certainly provided some evidence that the middle class is staging a comeback, although much more progress is needed. We wonder if the bedding industry will spend more effort on those middle price points. That looks like a smart move to us.

Tips for Hosting Holiday Houseguests

The holidays are underway and although it’s fun to have friends and family over to celebrate, preparing for houseguests can be pretty stressful! In today’s blog, we are sharing some tips to that can make your holiday hosting simple, enjoyable and affordable.

  • Turn the heat down! Expecting the in-laws, brothers, sisters, cousins and their kids? The more people gathering inside combined with the heat from cooking and holiday lights, your home is bound to get extra warm. Lower your thermostat to avoid the need to open windows and send that extra heat – and money – out with it.
  • Try recyclable dishes and utensils. Not only does this allow for an easy clean-up, but you won’t have to stress about your favorite dishes being broken (nor will you stress if you don’t have enough place settings). There are so many festive styles to choose from while being environmentally conscious as well.
  • Board games. You can pick up some inexpensive games that give all ages a chance to play and have fun. (Charades is a FREE way to let everyone’s personality shine!)
  • Movies. Who doesn’t love a good holiday movie? Watching certain stories can even create traditions for the younglings. Check out Best Buy to find great deals on movies– or better yet – borrow and trade DVDs with your friends.
  • Make additional sleeping room. Are your in-laws staying for a few days? Do you have more guests than you have bedrooms? You can get more sleeping space while providing another place for guests to sit with a sleeper sofa for a great deal.

Remember, the holidays are busy but it’s your time to focus on family and friends; be sure to enjoy some downtime!

What tips do you have to simplify holiday hosting? We’d love to hear from you!

Expecting company? Get some new furniture at awesome prices by visiting any of our stores.  Be sure to connect with us on Facebook and Twitter to stay in the loop on holiday deals. Thanks for reading!