COLOR! Everyone loves it – but we often choose neutrals – what’s your take?

It’s hard to pick one favorite color when the answer usually it depends on our mood, whether we are wearing it, decorating with it, if its our own opinion or if we have to consider someone else’s taste as well. But when it comes to your home, does your favorite color make a good accent in your home?

Most people tend to choose home décor in neutral colors. Often, a neutral color palette for your larger furniture can stand the test of time while smaller, accent pieces and paintings can bring in a fresh new look with a pop of color.


Searching for a new bed? At Gardner-White, we offer a variety of materials and textures that complement a taste for more neutral shades to more bold colors. Once you have the bedroom set you love, switching up the look of your bedroom can be as easy as using a new bedspread.

 Whether you take the neutral route or choose to see your furniture in a colorful spectrum, be sure to take a look at some of our color options on Pinterest. We’d love to know your take, so please repin your favorites!
Thanks for reading!

What is your favorite color to use in your home?  Do you have a consistent palette throughout your home or do you choose to use entirely different colors room by room?

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