🌎 Earth Day – Join the Movement!

Every year Earth Day Network creates a campaign to help promote conservation of our Earth. This years focus is eliminating plastic pollution:

“From poisoning and injuring marine life to disrupting human hormones, from littering our beaches and landscapes to clogging our waste streams and landfills, the exponential growth of plastics is now threatening the survival of our planet.”
Earth Day Network

What can you do? Earth Day Network offers a list of resources that help fight for their cause. Their first step is to learn, educating yourself on what the problem is and why is an excellent way to understand the true importance of the movement. They offer a toolkit that offers information about plastic and includes a Plastic Pollution Calculator to help you create a plan to eliminate plastics and track your progress. There are so many ways to help save our planet, we touched on Recycling just a few days ago. Show your love for our wonderful planet and make an impact today!

Saving the Earth, One Piece of Plastic at a Time🥤

I currently don’t have access to residential recycling, so I’m letting my recycles pile up and then I’ll take them over to my parents’ house to be picked up. I do this because recycling is one of the best and easiest ways to reduce the need for landfills. Let’s face it, no one wants to live next to a landfill. It helps save energy because manufacturers don’t have to produce something from scratch, they can reuse the recyclable materials over and over again creating minimal carbon emissions. This is just the beginning of the benefits to recycling. Too many people are misinformed about depleted resources and climate change  that they believe recycling isn’t going to make a difference, therefore why bother doing it. That’s not exactly a great mindset at all. Although it might be tedious and take up a little bit or space, but recycling is 100% worth it. Recycling allows manufacturers to conserve energy, keep costs down on their products, lowers the need for landfills, preserves our resources and protects our wildlife. Every little bit helps!

We can keep things pretty simple here with three simple guidelines.

1. Keep items relatively clean
2. Recycle all bottles, cans and paper
3. Don’t mix plastic bags in with your recycle bin


• Any and all plastic bottles or containers you can find in your kitchen (sour cream, cottage cheese, etc.)
• Any and all cardboard boxes (cereal + snack boxes)
• Any and all paper (office paper, newspaper, cardboard)
• Metals (tin, aluminum + steel cans)
• Glass (jars + bottles)

• Plastic bags or stretch wrap – Meijer will actually take back any plastic bags and recycle them for you! They have a drop off bag in the lobby as you walk in.
• Polystyrene foam cups + containers (egg cartons, take out containers, drinking cups)
• Any container that was soiled by food products and cannot be cleaned
• Broken or sharp glass
• Fast food packaging
• Plastic utensils

Thankfully we live in a beautiful state that does a small payback for returning glass and aluminum bottles and cans. What’s better than being eco friendly and getting something back? So be sure to take those bad boys to a grocery store that has a can and bottle return center.

Check with your residential garbage pickup about the availability of recycling in your area. Here are some link for assistance: 



What is considered hazardous waste? Products that are not only dangerous for you, but for the environment as well and should never go into the regular trash or recycling.

• Batteries: home and vehicular
• Electronics: TVs, computers, DVD players, cell phones, laptops, etc.
• Automotive products: brake fluid, antifreeze, fuel, oil etc.
• Kerosene
• Air filters
• Cleansers + polishes
• Fertilizers, pesticides + weed killers
• Glues + caulk
• Mercury thermometers
• Paint: oil-based, latex, spray paint, thinners, solvents, + varnishes
• Wood stain + preservatives
• Fluorescent Light Bulbs
• Sharps: needles, lancets, etc.
• Swimming pool chemicals

Find your nearest Hazardous Waste Center for pick-up or drop-off options. Here are some links to help:

#Charituesday – Big Brothers Big Sisters vs. World Medical Relief








Join us in participating with this week’s #Charituesday contest!  We’ve chosen two non-profit organizations from the Fox 2 Gift Giving Guide for a chance to win a $1,000 gift certificate to Gardner-White!  No matter what, both organizations will receive at least a $500 gift certificate to Gardner-White – however – the winning organization will receive a $1,000 gift certificate!  Vote for your favorite organization below and join us by donating benefit to our community. #GWCommunityHelp

(VOTE ONCE PER DAY FROM 4/24/18 AT 10:00 A.M. THROUGH 5/1/18 AT 10:00 A.M.)


Big Brothers Big Sisters







Big Brothers Big Sisters of Metropolitan Detroit (BBBSMD) was formed in 1974 with a focus on Wayne, Oakland and Macomb counties. We are the largest one-to-one evidence-based mentoring organization in Southeast Michigan serving nearly 1,000 youth annually with site- and community based mentoring programs. Big Brothers Big Sisters of Metropolitan Detroit’s mission is to provide children facing adversity with safe, strong and enduring, professionally supported one-to-one relationships that change their lives for the better, forever. Our vision is to see all children succeed in life. And, we believe that mentoring provides a pathway to hope.

AREAS SERVED: Wayne County, Oakland County, Macomb County

AGES SERVED: 7 through 17

– Free activities for our Bigs and Littles, i.e. tickets to movies, museums, sporting events, roller skating, etc
– School supplies
– Hats, mittens and coats in the winter
– Arts and craft supplies

Lunch Buddies: Meets for one hour during the student’s lunch time. At these weekly sessions, mentors come and spend 1:1 time with the youth and work on activities prepared by the site facilitator.

Work Workplace Mentoring: This program empowers students for success through strong mentoring relationships and focused activities to support education and positive youth development. Students are transported to local corporate offices for 1-2 hour, monthly or bi-monthly sessions with a volunteer mentor facilitated by staff.

Community-based: Meets for at mentoring relationships involve one-on-one outings and activities, doing things the Big and Little enjoy together, like: going to a museum, going to an event hosted by the local BBBS affiliate, hanging out and talking or doing what the both you want at your convenience.

AGE OF VOLUNTEERS? 18 and older.



World Medical Relief, Inc.






World Medical Relief, Inc., established in 1953, helps the poor, sick, and elderly on a local, national, and international basis. Its mission has been – and will continue to be – to turn the excess and waste of our society into the miracles of mercy by collecting and distributing medical supplies, medicines, and recycled medical equipment for the betterment of mankind. Established in 1966, the Affordable Prescriptions Program provides prescription medicines to low-income people ages 18 and older living in Michigan. The local shipping program provides a variety of basic medical supplies, durable medical equipment and distributes 13,000 blankets and thousands of hygiene kits, each year.

AREAS SERVED: Wayne County, Oakland County, Macomb County, State of Michigan


– Cardboard compactor (industrial)
– Lawn mower
– Vacuum cleaner, Glass cleaner
– New computers and printers
– Gaylord boxes (cartons – 4’x4’x4′), Shipping Pallets

The staff at World Medical Relief would love for you to volunteer in the medical supply sorting area on any day Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. We do ask that you commit to a minimum of three hours per day. We also have most Saturdays available for two shifts. Please consider spending your Saturday helping those in need from 9 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. or 1 p.m. to 3:30 p.m. We need at least eight people to offer time in the afternoon on Saturdays.

Call Carolyn Racklyeft at (313) 866-5333 to reserve your date/time. We encourage individuals, as well as groups, to volunteer. There are other volunteer opportunities available which are listed on Volunteermatch.com.

Our volunteers are adults and seniors. Children may volunteer as well, under parent supervision.


New Arrival: The Juno Collection

Our newest collection is the Juno Living Room Collection! The Juno is a beautiful, top-grain leather living room collection that is very unique.

The Juno Collection will be your new favorite place to relax. Lounge on soft, genuine top grain leather (cowhide) while you recline at the push of a button. The leather is everywhere you touch with vinyl on the sides and backs.   Perfect for movie watching, this collection not only reclines, but also props your head up with power headrests!

The color of the Juno is the next great debate. It’s a very rich grey with warm brown undertones, so depending on the lighting, it can show up as more of a charcoal grey or a warm brown.

The stitching on this collection adds a beautiful detail that makes it unique. The thread is a beige color with a pinky undertone.

The loveseat also includes a center console to store your remotes or snacks.


10 Indoor Plants to Brighten the Home

Plants are one way to maintain a fresh air supply, they can serve as home decor as well. I’ve discovered since adding succulents to my bookshelves, that they give a sweet touch to any space and a decent size rubber plant can balance out a room when there’s an empty corner.

Not all plants are created equal, many needs lots of direct sunlight and loads of water. Who has time to take care of a plant while life is happening? Not me, that’s for sure, but I love having plants incorporated throughout my home. The best solution has been finding  plants that are not only pretty, but are low maintenance as well.

1 Cacti are great for the home. With the ability to handle lots of direct sunlight and need very little water to stay alive, good luck killing this one. Decorate your window sills with these fun unique flora. The more the merrier, they come in all different shapes and sizes so there are lots of options to choose from.

2  In addition to cactus, succulents are wonderful and on the low care spectrum. Watering once a week with direct or indirect light, these babies will flourish. They are also really easy to propagate, simply snip off a leaf and let sit and you will see it grow another full bloom from where you removed it from the matured succulent.



3 • Want something a bit larger? Rubber Trees might be just what you’re looking for. They require water regularly and lots of indirect sunlight. So if there’s a corner of your house that seems a bit empty and the room gets quite a bit of sunlight throughout the day, a Rubber Tree will be your best friend.




4 Snake plants are great if you want to add a more safari feel to your home. The leaves are like tiger striped blades of grass that stand out every which way, creating a nice luscious piece of foliage. Snake plants need a lot of sunlight so choose a bookcase, table or window sill with lots of direct light.





5 • Another great foliage plant is the Kentia Palm. It’s very tolerant of the obvious neglect it might endure before you develop a true schedule or habit for your newfound green thumb. This palm flourishes in medium to bright light and water weekly or biweekly.






6 • Split Leaf Philodendron has one of the most exotic looks of all indoor houseplants. Needing medium light and watering once a week, easy enough right? An awesome detail about this plant is that you can easily grow an entire whole plant from another, what a steal!






7 Fiddle Leaf Fig Trees are small shrubs with large waxy leaves that need lots of direct sunlight and weekly watering sessions. Keep this lovely green bush near a window or skylight and take extra care during the winter when the air is dry and water more often.






8 Birds of Paradise offers some of the largest leaves for your home decor. Place this beauty in an area were it will receive lots and lots of natural sunlight. A tell tale sign that it needs more sunlight is curling leaves. The lack of sunlight will also limit how often the plant blooms. Because it is from tropical areas you’ll want to keep it moist and in high humidity if possible. During the warm months you’ll find this plant more active, requiring constant attention, while the colder months require watering & misting only when the soil is dry.






• Chinese Monkey plants are on the moderate side of the care spectrum. They thrive best when placed in indirect sunlight with regular mistings and only water once the soil has become completely dry.






10Air plants are so strange, they resemble something along the lines of a green, slightly hairy, jellyfish. They are very resilient to just about any environment and need watering once a week. Just a 10 minute soak and it’ll be all set for the following week.


Did we miss your favorite indoor plant? Share your photos with us, we’d love to hear from you!

3 Weekend Getaways that are Only a Road Trip Away!

The weather is starting to warm up allow us to actually make plans for the weekends where we can spend time outdoors and actually enjoy it! Here are some of the top ranked road trips in Michigan you can take this weekend!

Love waterfalls?

This trip through the UP will have your jaw dropping at these gorgeous scenes created by Mother Nature herself. Some hiking may be involved, but I promise the view will be worth it! Start at Tahquamenon and make your way around the Upper Peninsula to Sable Falls, Miners Falls, Munising Falls, Bond Falls, Manido Falls, Manabezho Falls, Gabbro Falls, and Potawatomi Falls. The drive will also have you “Oooh-ing” and “Ahhhh-ing” as you pass through quaint towns like Grand Marais, located along Lake Superior’s coastline.

OnlyInYourState.com did the dirty work for us with this interactive Google Map! Click here.

Needing some Beach Time?

The closest Great Lake happens to be Lake Huron, some of the best beaches can be found in Lexington. The town is filled with great local restaurants and shops that are unique to the area. Take a stroll down to the lakeshore and enjoy one of the 3 beautiful beaches Lexington has to offer;  Lake Street Beach, the public beach, and if you want to catch a game of beach volleyball head over to Simon Street and dig deep!

Looking for a more woodsy experience? Lexington Park is located just north of town, boasting 27 acres filled with fun activities such as tennis courts, picnic areas, scenic walkways, playground equipment, a pavilion, horseshoes, restrooms and showers as well as a beach for swimming.

3885 Lakeshore Rd (M-25),
Lexington, MI 48450

Looking for an Weekend full of Athleisure?

Take a relaxing trip down the Au Sable River in Roscommon, where the river is calm and open for kayaks, canoes and tubes. Get in 5 hours of nothing but nature from Chase Bridge to Smith Bridge through Campbell’s Canoe Livery


Habits for Maintaining a Clean Home

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve watched HDTV and wondered how the heck these people keep their homes so impeccably clean. They clearly don’t live realistic lives and hire people to come clean their houses for them. This girl has zero time and a lack of money for that sort of service. After doing a little digging, I did find a few articles that explained what are some great habits to get into in order to transition your extremely well lived in home to a sparkling unicorn only found on TV.


Seriously! Doing at least one load will help you stay on top of that massive pile you let grow for a week or two until you have zero clothes left. You’re not alone, we’ve all been there. Keeping up on it daily will help make it a quick task instead of an all day dedication. It will also make putting them away even easier since there will be a smaller amount to take care of! If you’re a solo occupant, work on dedicating a couple days a week to help tame that weekly pile up.


It’s funny how our brains work, a fully made bed adds order to your bedroom. Even if you’re in a rush and can only manage to toss the comforter across and smooth out the wrinkles, you’re in good shape. This simple task offers a simple productive start to your day that is likely to continue throughout the afternoon and evening, all because you decided to make your bed.




Whether you run your dishwasher that same night or while you’re waiting for your coffee in the morning, the overall goal is to start your day with an empty dishwasher. This allows for easy clean up throughout the day and having it ready to go after dinner. You can keep those dishes out of the sink and free up all that counter space you haven’t seen in a while.




Having a place for everything ensures that items aren’t going to be left hanging out on nightstands, counters or tables just because it’s convenient. Creating the proper organization for all items in your home helps with keeping the clutter away. Organize your way with baskets, boxes, shelves, plastic tubs, whatever works for you. Having a few baskets scattered throughout the house to help collect those loose papers and small items helps to create a sense of organization that is also esthetically pleasing.



Did a package come today? Empty it’s contents, put them away and discard the box immediately. It’s likely to sit there for a bit if you don’t take care of it right away. Same goes for just about everything. If there’s a glass of water next to your bed, take it to the kitchen to be washed. You don’t leave your groceries sit out for a couple days do you? I advise that you apply that same principal to all items in your home. Because who likes stressing out about a quick clean up when you have friends stopping by in 5, I know I don’t!

You’re Painting Your Home THAT Color?!?

Before deciding you’re going to go with that beautiful maroon swatch, get a better idea of what that color will bring to your home long term. Color Theory isn’t something that is easily understood by everyone. Put those eyebrows down and just here me out for a sec. Color theory is just a simple understanding of the Primary Colors, how they create Secondary Colors, and the beautiful pairings of Complimentary Colors.

Primary Colors are easily defined as colors that cannot be created, such as red, blue, and yellow. Secondary Colors are created by mixing Primary Colors together, such as green, orange, and purple. Complimentary Colors are those colors that ironically complement each other. These colors, as shown on the color wheel I’ve provided as reference, are directly across the wheel from each other. These colors will be the best used together to create the most esthetically pleasing rooms in your home. This specific Color Wheel adds a little more in-depth detail on analogous colors and understanding what adding black or white to a color creates.

Color has a whole lot behind it, artists study it continuously to understand its effects on a person’s emotions, what combinations are most esthetically pleasing and what people connect with when exposed to a specific color. Seems like a lot, but here is a quick break down of each color for reference as you channel your inner “Interior Designer”.



Complimentary Color: Green
Many believe that Red means love, it’s a very strong color that evokes intense and passionate emotions. You’ll find a lot of restaurants use red because it also encourages your appetite. Carefully consider these points when choosing red for your any room.




Complementary Color: Orange
Being the most preferred color by men, it allows your mind to experience a sense of calmness. Many offices use Blue as their main color not only in their logos but also their office spaces,  simply because somehow it promotes productivity.




Complementary Color: Purple
Super bright yellows make it difficult on your eyes and may cause fatigue. Although soft shades of yellow help create an energetic and cheerful vibe, use sparingly in select rooms you want to brighten not only the room but your emotions as well.



Complementary Color: Blue 
Sunsets are typically filled with different hues of orange. Fill your home with that same bright and warm environment to bring out that extra energy you have hiding away. When adding earthy tones you convey that visual comfort that allows people to get cozy and stay a while.



Complementary Color: Light Green 
Pink creates a sense of sweetness, typically favored with little girls for it’s cheerful emotions. It’s what I like to call a “feel good” color. I recommend using pinks in spaces that you spend limited amount of time in.





Complementary Color: Yellow
The absolute, for sure, way to introduce luxury. Purple has this deep connection with royalty throughout history that it’s no wonder we make an automatic association of sophistication. Regardless which you choose, rich eggplant or a soft lavender, purple will be one of your favorite additions to any room.



Complementary Color: Red
Although Green and Red together are connected to everything Christmas related, Green all on it’s own carries it’s own sense of magic. When added to a room, the mood instantly changes, creating a more tranquil environment, emulating a warmth that fights off depression and creates a sense of comfort. Play with the range of hues, tints, and shades to create the perfect mood for your home.



Complementary Color: Light Blue
Get real cozy in your home using the earthy tone that Brown has to offer in all it’s wonderful hues, shades and tones. With your down-to-earth rooms, you’re sure to stay grounded in just about everything you do. Having an ability to focus on any tasks at hand and offer a comfortable and safe environment for relaxation.



Complementary Color: since Black is the result of all colors being present, White is the appropriate complement due to the lack of any color.  
Some personalities can pull off completely black rooms, but very few. Black tends to make spaces feel very small very quickly, even as just an accent wall. With the right accents, like purple, black can also give this sense of luxury and sophistication.


Looks for Less: Grey Modular Sectional

We understand that you want designer styles, but may not be able to pay those prices. We have the same styles but for a lot less!


This sectional from Macy’s sells for $1289.


A grey sectional is perfect to fit any existing decor. The modular and angular design gives a contemporary feel. If this is a look that you love, we have a very similar style!




Our Malo Sectional captures the same design and style, but at a fraction of the cost!

The Malo Sectional features a chic sectional and ottoman combination that will compliment your living room perfectly. The grey fabric upholstery is durable and soft to the touch. The button tufted cushion backs and plush cushion seating on both the sofa and the chaise make this sectional extremely comfortable. Kick back and enjoy the Malo Sectional.

Sofa: 114.5″W x 87″D x 38″H

Check out more Looks for Less on Pinterest!