Looks For Less: Save $840 with our Jodi Chaise Sofa!

Sometimes our busy lives prevent us from shopping for the best deal. That’s why at Gardner-White we decided to do the shopping for you. If you’re looking for a stylish chaise sofa but don’t want to ‘break the bank’, our Jodi Chaise Sofa is right for you. Compared to this similar style from Crate & Barrel, you can save $840 with our Jodi Chaise Sofa! It won’t last at this price for long! #LooksForLess‬

The Jodi Collection is simple and comfortable, ready for you to relax. Covered in a soft, beige fabric, you’ll love to lounge on this sectional. The cushion and frame are meant to last, providing great durability for your home! Comes with two decorative throw pillows.

91″W x 64″D x 39″H

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Looks for Less: Save $2,070 with our Paradise Sofa!

Sometimes our busy lives prevent us from shopping for the best deal. That’s why at Gardner-White we decided to do the shopping for you. If you’re looking for a stylish sofa but don’t want to ‘break the bank’, our Paradise Sofa is right for you. Compared to this similar sofa from Pottery Barn, you can save $2,070 by shopping our Paradise Sofa! Plus, it comes with free toss pillows! It won’t last at this price for long! #LooksForLess‬

The Paradise Sofa offers a high style sophisticated look with its swoop track arm design and dark cherry high legs. This sofa features reversible seat and back cushions for increased comfort and durability. If you’re looking for a clean, contemporary look, this sofa is for you. Add the Paradise Sofa to your home today!

Sofa: 93″W x 40.5″D x 38″H

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Looks for Less: Save $1,518 with our Westland Reclining Sofa!


Sometimes our busy lives prevent us from shopping for the best deal. That’s why at Gardner-White we decided to do the shopping for you. If you’re looking for a stylish sofa but don’t want to ‘break the bank’, our Westland Leather Reclining Sofa is right for you. Compared to this similar style from Target, our Westland Sofa saves you $1,518 right now! ‪It won’t last at this price for long! #LooksForLess‬

The Westland Collection features a hardwood encased frame with soft, top-grain leather on all front facing pieces. The brass nailhead roll arms and scoop seats will give you a living room that is comfortable and fashionable. Plus, the sofa and loveseat hug the wall, allowing you to have the furniture you’ve always wanted without sacrificing your living space or your budget.

Gliding Recliner: 42.5″W x 40″D x 40″H
Reclining Loveseat: 67.5″W x 40″D x 40″H
Reclining Sofa: 89.5″W x 40″D x 40″H

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What is Microfiber?


Imagine a fiber so fine and delicate that it’s four times finer than wool three times finer than cotton, twice as fine as the finest silk and one hundred times finer than human hair.

Microfibers, as they are called, measure less than one denier. The term denier measures the fineness of man-made fibers. Denier is the weight in grams of 9,000 metres of yarn, which is equal to one denier. One to three denier refers to fine cotton or wool, five to eight denier is average cotton and wool, 10 to 15 denier corresponds to very fine nylon stockings.

Micro-denier fibers are finer than any fibers occurring in nature. These fibers are available in a range of deniers making it possible to produce a variety of fabric types and weights.

Micro-fibers are not a new idea. The Japanese developed microfiber yarn nearly 20 years ago. The most well-known microfiber fabric today is Ultra suede.

Composition of Microfibers

Microfibers are made from polyester, nylon, rayon and most recently acrylic. They also can be blended with other fibres including cotton, linen, wool, rayon and Lycra spandex. Blends enhance the appearance, hand, drape and performance properties of the fabric. At this time there are no regulations about the per cent of micro necessary for using the term micro-fibre.
The fabric industry agrees that 35 to 40 percent is the minimwn amount required to retain the desired hand and performances.
Companies are concerned about small amounts being used in a fibre blend as an advertising hype and calli!lg the product a ‘micro-fibre’.

Micro-fibres can be woven or knitted into a variety of fabrics such as twill, satin, faille, crepe, taffeta and broadcloth. Various finishes enhance the look and feel of micro-fibres. Peach skin provides a velvety hand, others have a silk, sand washed or a leather look.

Characteristics of Microfibers

  • Strong and durable
  • Lightweight and supple
  • Good stability and shape retention
  • Wrinkle resistant
  • Washable and dries quickly
  • Comfortable to wear as they are more porous
  • Water repellent and wind resistant
  • Doesn’t water spot

Uses of Microfibers

Because air passes easily through the fabric, moisture is wicked away from the skin’s surface to the outer face of the fabric. This makes micro-fibres particularly desirable for outerwear and body wear. These fabrics can take on visually any surface and texture quality. They can be sanded or sueded giving a lush velvety texture. End uses for microfiber fabrics include men’s slacks and ties, women’s silk-like blouses and dresses, hosiery, evening wear, tailored suits, children’s wear, rain wear, intimate apparel and sheets and pillow cases. Luxurious upholstery fabrics are also getting the micro-fiber touch. Fabrics made from these ultra-fine fibers can be produced from filament and staple yarns. Other applications include wiping cloths, high performance filters, artificial blood vessels, sanitary and towel products.

Are you ready to add microfiber to your home? You’ll love the soft touch and the luxurious look of microfiber. Here are some microfiber sofa’s you can add to your living room!


Fenway Collection


Upton Collection


Valeri Collection


Fountain Collection


Denmark Collection

Check out more of our microfiber sofa’s here!

The first portion of this blog is taken from Digital Commons @ University of Nebraska – Lincoln. See the original article here.
Tondl, Rose Marie. “NF91-47 Micro-Fibers.” Digital Commons @ University of Nebraska – Lincoln. University of Nebraska – Lincoln, 1 Jan. 1991. Web. 18 Oct. 2016.

Looks for Less: Save $700 with our Taffy Sofa with Moveable Chaise


Sometimes our busy lives prevent us from shopping for the best deal. That’s why at Gardner-White we decided to do the shopping for you. If you’re looking for a stylish sofa but don’t want to ‘break the bank’, our Taffy Sofa with Chaise is right for you. Compared to this similar style from Target, our Taffy Sofa with Moveable Chaise saves you $700 right now with our Epic Labor Day Sale! It won’t be at this price for long! #LooksForLess‬

Contemporary design available in capri seafoam blue. Features flared arms, fixed back cushions, loose seat cushions, tapered feet and durable frame construction. Stress joints are corner blocked, glued and secured with staples. Construction also includes no-sag sinuous steel wire seat springs and 1.8 density polyurethane foam cushion cores.

Sofa with Floating Ottoman: 90″ x 64″ x 41″

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Step Into Spring With a Fiesta

Spring has come and there are many things to be done! Spring cleaning, planting flowers and switching out winter clothes for spring and summer clothes are usually on the list of things to do. But what about redecorating your home?

Are you currently sitting on your couch that you’ve had for 25 years? Or are you sick of all the dull colors in your home? Spring is the time to refresh, get rid of the old and add the new!

With springtime brings bright colors, and the industry knows it. Pantone® recently released the colors of spring and one color popped out to us – Fiesta. Pantone®’s Fiesta is a vivid red that will contrast with other spring shades.

Big Fiesta

Pantone® 2016

With this strong and vibrant color, it will make any room pop and bring excitement to your home.

You might be thinking, “This is a little too bold for me, how would I incorporate this color into my home?” Gardner-White can help! We actually have a living room collection called the Fiesta! Add some spice to your living room this spring with our Fiesta Living Room Collection! The whole collection features a sofa, loveseat, chair, ottoman and accent chair with individually pocketed, heat tempered coils and ultra soft linen fabric to provide comfort and relaxation. Whether you choose to add the whole collection to your home, or just certain pieces, the Fiesta Collection is sure to make a statement!



There’s never a better time to redo your space than spring. Out with the old, in with the new. Shop the Fiesta Living Room Collection today at www.gardner-white.com!

Love the color but not the style? Shop our products that can be custom ordered to fit the color and style that you want! Custom order your living room set today!

Select Your Style: Living Room Looks

Select Your Style: Living Room Looks
Shopping for a new living room look can feel a bit overwhelming with all the different styles that are available. Sometimes it is hard to even know where to be begin. Here are some style suggestions to get you started. Do any of these styles sound like you?

Living Room Look: Retro Chic
Did you watch Mad Men for decorating ideas? Do you just love clean lines and minimalist design? Your style is Retro Chic. A great way to achieve this look in your home is to combine classic collectibles (like the iconic Royal Haeger Black Panther) with new pieces of furniture designed in the Modernist vein. The Odelia Leather Sofa, Dancer Sofa, and the Sabrina Deauville Stone Sofa are examples of new pieces inspired by classic Mid-Century Modern designs.

Living Room Look: Colorful
People describe you as bold. No shade to those who prefer neutral tones, but you like everything in your life to be a little brighter. Your style is Colorful. The idea of a brown couch is just not what you are looking for (but you do know the power of utilizing accent colors). No, what you want is your sofa to be the centerpiece of the room. The Taffy Microfiber Sofa is a gorgeous shade of teal and the Fiesta Sofa is a bright red, both excellent options for those who want a little more color. You can also find a wide range of sofas in our collection that have customizable fabric options.

Living Room Look: Old School
Traditional. Classic. Old School. Your taste withstands the test of time. Furniture that doesn’t need a lot of flowery description. Leather. Wood. Quality. Imperial. Tiffany. Venice.

Living Room Look: Rococo
You could also describe your style as Baroque, but let’s face it, Rococo is much more fun to say. You love ornate decoration and extravagant details. Your ideal couch will pair perfectly with a gorgeous Persian rug or some other similarly detailed carpet. The Grant Sofa, Layton Delia Chenille Sofa, and the Weslynn Sofa are all examples of furniture pieces with an extra bit of flair suited to your tastes.

Living Room Look: Cosmopolitan
You either dream of loft living or already have found your ideal loft space. Cosmopolitan style these days is a marriage of industrial and modern designs. The furniture that is to your taste needs to equally look at home with a backdrop of exposed brick or floor-to-ceiling windows. Your decorating style is most likely minimalist, so you truly use your furniture as statement pieces. You are drawn to pieces like the Costello and the Desmond.

Black Friday Now!


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE- November 20, 2015
It is Black Friday Now At Gardner-White! – Auburn Hills, Mi

Gardner-White Furniture is pleased to announce that you can take advantage of the Black Friday Steals now before the holiday.  “Gardner-White is known for the best values on quality furniture and bedding. This Black Friday we have pulled out all the stops and are are putting our own sale prices on sale,” said Steve Tronstein CEO.

Take a look at a few of the hot values:

*The Catalina sectional a Black Friday Special Purchase built to sell for $3000 now $1699 while they last. (Click here to view)

*Claire designer sofa sale price was $499 now on sale for $399.  (Click here to view)

*Chenille (Leona) sofa with two built in recliners and a drop down table for the low price of $677. (Click here to view)

“This time of year family time often revolves around watching your favorite shows and football games on television,” said Steve T. “That is why we are the only place in Michigan to offer our customers 100 complete living rooms with 50 inch Sharp 4K televisions, starting at $1999. With up to four years special financing these rooms are very affordable and a great Christmas gift for the whole family,” he said.

Need a bigger mattress? Gardner-White has partnered with Beautyrest, Serta, Restonic,and Sealy to bring you a factory authorized Black Friday deal. Pay the Black Friday queen mattress price for a king size mattress.That means you save an extra $500 off the sale price.  For example you can get free same day delivery on a Beautyrest King with a free television for only $699.  “We couldn’t bring you this offer without the cooperation of the factories. There will never be a better time to supersize your mattress,” said Steve T.

For a list of all the Black Friday Steals visit a Gardner-White store or click here.

Looks For Less: Thane Rocker Recliner

Sometimes our busy lives prevent us from shopping for the best deal.  That’s why at Gardner-White we decided to do the shopping for you.  If you’re shopping for a leather recliner but don’t want to ‘break the bank’, our Thane Rocker Recliner is a great deal.

Add a touch of old world comfort to your living area with the Thane Rocker Recliner. Cushion cores are constructed of low melt fiber wrapped over high quality foam. Features metal drop-in unitized seat box for strength and durability. All metal construction to the floor for strength and durability. The reclining mechanism features infinite positions for comfort.

Not only does our Thane Rocker Recliner saves you $1,000 compared to this similar recliner from Target®, ours has the same reclining capabilities for the comfort you’ve always wanted.  (Our Thane Rocker Recliner ($399))  (Target Recliner $1,399)

Shop today at www.gardner-white.com.

Looks For Less: Compare our Leather Futon to this one from Costco.


Sometimes our busy lives prevent us from shopping for the best deal.  That’s why at Gardner-White we decided to do the shopping for you.  If you’re shopping for a leather futon but don’t want to ‘break the bank’, our Black Leather Futon is a great deal.

Bring a fun and inviting aura into your home with this contemporary styled futon sleeper sofa. Designed to be a sofa as well as a bed, this living room furniture piece features smooth upholstery with a plush pillow-top seating comfort. Chrome finished legs add a decorative design element that gives this sofa a unique modern look. When it comes time to accommodate sleep-over guests, merely fold down the seat back and curved seat arms to create a bed with a soft sofa comfort. A comfortable, casual and contemporary piece, this sofa suits living rooms, family rooms, apartments and even dorms.

Not only does our Black Leather Futon save you $200 compared to this similar futon from Costco.com, ours has the same reclining capabilities for the comfort you’ve always wanted.  (Our Black Leather Futon – $449.99)  (Costco Futon)

Shop today at www.gardner-white.com.